Rep. Judith García Sponsors Bills for Healthcare, Housing, & Equity

State Rep. Judith Garcia’s bills reveal her priorities are healthcare, housing, and social equity.

This is Garcia’s first term in the Massachusetts House of Representatives, where she represents the 11th Suffolk District, which encompasses Chelsea and part of Everett. Her first elected position was on the Chelsea City Council, where she was elected five times to serve District 5.

As a city councilor, Garcia was crucial to passing an anti-wage theft ordinance, affordable housing legislation, and green zoning laws. Her new legislative agenda demonstrates a continued commitment to housing, healthcare, environmental justice, and accessibility.

“It’s difficult to pinpoint just a few legislative priorities, because they’re all so important and so connected to one another,” Garcia explained. “Healthcare equity, for example, is a matter of economic justice and racial justice, because poor and BIPOC communities have less access to healthcare than their wealthy peers.”

One of Garcia’s bills, An Act to Advance Health Equity, addresses just that. Alongside co-sponsors by Representative Bud Williams, Senator Pavel Payano, and Senator Liz Miranda, the bill aims to close the gap in healthcare by prioritizing equity in the state government, regulating data reporting on health equity, and improving access to and quality of healthcare.

“We knew that there was an issue with healthcare access before the pandemic, and the COVID crisis only exacerbated it,” Garcia said. “My colleagues and I are confident that An Act to Advance Health Equity can get to the roots of the systemic barriers to health equity. Healing this issue will be monumental for many folks in Chelsea and Everett.”

Representative Garcia’s other sponsored bills address issues such as housing, language accessibility, and fair compensation for healthcare workers.

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