Planning Board Approves Site Plan for Revere Beach Parkway Marijuana Dispensary

The Planning Board approved a revised site plan for a marijuana dispensary at 320 Revere Beach Parkway at its Tuesday meeting. The board also recommended the Zoning Board of Appeals grant special permits for the business proposed by the GVLP Corporation, doing business as Vide Verde. A prior application for the site was previously approved by the Planning Board, but the project’s proponents were back before the board with a revised plan that is smaller than the one that was initially approved. “Basically, they shrunk the size of the building considerably and are not using the second floor of the structure,” said Anthony Rossi, the attorney representing the project owners. “By doing so, they increase the amount of parking on the site.” With the revised plan, there will be 16 parking spaces on site, one fewer than what is required under zoning regulations. “Also, the green space and open space has increased as a result of taking a portion of the building down,” said Rossi. A marijuana dispensary is allowed by right at 320 Revere Beach Parkway. Rossi said the only zoning relief now required by the zoning board is for the parking. A traffic and parking study prepared by the applicants showed there would only be a minimal increase in traffic over the current retail use, with about 50 car trips per hour. “We spent a lot of time looking at parking, and we think that is the more critical issue,” said traffic engineer Robert Michaud of MDM Transportation Consultants. Currently, Michaud said there are only a few parking spaces on the property, and this causes some customers to park on Adams Street. The estimated demand for the marijuana dispensary would be about three to four vehicles on average, with a peak demand of 11 vehicles. Even with spots needed for employee parking, Michaud said the parking demands would be met by the spaces on the site. While it is outside the purview of the planning and zoning boards, a member of the New Beginnings Church said her church currently occupies the second floor of the building and is a tenant at will. She said the owner of the building did not notify them that there was another tenant coming into the building. Rossi noted that the dispensary company does not own the building, but is only leasing it. However, he said the owner agreed that the second floor of the building would be vacated in order for the dispensary to come in, although they will not be using the second floor. “While it may not be the best landlord-tenant relationship, it is still their relationship and not the Planning Board’s relationship,” said planning director John DePriest. DePriest also noted that before Vide Verde goes before the zoning board for final special permit approvals later this month, it will need to submit more comprehensive security and signage plans for the business. “Each case stands on its own,” said DePriest. “We have not heard from the police department on the security plan. We had on the previous one, but not this one.” In other business, the Planning Board recommended the zoning board approve special permits and variances for a project at 168-172 Maverick St. for the construction of a four-family dwelling.  The project needs zoning relief because it does not meet the requirements for minimum lot area for a four-family structure.

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