Greenroots opens office on Everett Avenue

This summer, GreenRoots was displaced from their beautiful waterfront offices.  Like many other private developers, GreenRoots’ landlord gave no real reason to not extend the organization’s lease besides wanting to sell, possibly redevelop, downsize and even to demolition the building.  GreenRoots operated out of that location since its inception as an independent non-profit. Roseann Bongiovanni, GreenRoots Executive Director, stated “this is incredibly maddening especially given the fact that we never missed a rent payment, even throughout the pandemic, and have a great working relationship with the landlord who is a fair and decent person.  This just re-enforces our commitment to find a permanent home along the Chelsea Creek so that the residents of Chelsea and East Boston are never displaced from their waterfront, our waterfront.”

The organization checked out sixteen different office locations before settling on their present location at 90 Everett Avenue on the third floor. This location was the final potential office seen and it wasn’t until the end of the May.  Half of the office required a build out and the other half of the office was outdated, dirty and not welcoming.  In an effort to ensure the space would be fully welcoming for everyone in the community, it needed major renovations in a short amount of time. GreenRoots Associate Executive Director Maria Belen Power said, “we reached out to our fellow community members and partners in the building trades, local businesses and community volunteers, and these folks all came through to help GreenRoots make our new home what it is today!” 

Leadership at the organization wishes to offer its gratitude to the following individuals, organizations and businesses: Painters Union Local 35: Tony Hernandez Representative / Organizer, Mauro Ramos, Adriano Knupp and Alana Vacca; Carpenters Union Local 328: Rich Pedi, Business Manager, Jason Hightower, Rob Hightower, Deb Cronin, Jackie Valladarez, Seidy Rios, Michael Grant and Barry Rogers; Laborers Union Local 22: Mike Cimmino, Recording Secretary, Field Representative, Jon Cimino, Executive Board, Field Representative, Mario Peppe and Zachary McGuire; Jordan Krasnow and Gerry McCue; Barry Kirshon, and Eddie Hernandez, Kirshon’s Home Decor Group; Shawn Brown; Falcon Construction; Landing Studio; FJ Albano Signs; Tony and Nina Rosa; Damali Vidot; Grace Muwina; Sandra Perdomo; Mitikei Chengerei; Arlex Flooring; Matt Frank, Matt Frank Photography; Joe Greene, Joe Greene Photography; The Home Depot; Sandro Figarola; Anthony Bongiovanni; Fidel Maltez; Mike Sandoval; and Mike McAteer.

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