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I Proudly Endorse Judith Garcia

To The Editor,

On September 6, I will confidently be voting for Judith Garcia for State Representative. I ask my supporters, friends and family to do the same. Her mother came to Chelsea like my parents did, worked hard to make the American Dream happen for themselves and their family, and like my family, adopted Chelsea as the home to raise their children in.

Judith Garcia as I did, chose to not only live here but to make Chelsea a better place for hard working families who deserve and demand better service from local and state government. I have watched her work alongside me on the council for the past seven years and make a difference.

When I introduced the Community Preservation Act, Judith voted in support, and as a result we had funds that helped restore historic places like the Walnut Street Synagogue, the Garden Cemetery, redevelop parks and create new open spaces like 88 Clinton St, helped create Affordable home ownership on Orange St and provided COVID relief funds for homeowners and tenants in Chelsea. But we need an advocate to increase state funding for the CPA, and Judith will be that voice!

When I advocated for the city to push MASSPORT for sound mitigation for our homeowners, Judith supported the funding of our own sound study so we can make MASSPORT increase its home sound proofing program.

When COVID hit Chelsea, Judith went door to door to make sure our vital downtown businesses applied for the relief funding she helped put in place.

As a city councilor, Judith joined me to go to MBTA Headquarters and lobby for support of the Student Free Ride program for our kids. With the MBTA being the mess that it is right now, we need a champion like Judith Garcia to demand better public transportation.

I have served at both the local and state level of government, I’ve worked with and have relationships with state senators and state representatives, and I know that Judith Garcia not only has what it takes to be OUR state representative, I know that she will excel at doing so. 

Roy Avellaneda

Chelsea City Council President

Roberto Jimenez Is the Clear Choice for State Rep

To The Editor,

What an exciting time to live in Chelsea! For the first time in history, we are in a position to elect the first 11th Suffolk State Representative. I’d say that is a pretty important seat so we better pick someone good. Someone with a proven record to get results and that is why I am choosing to support Roberto Jimenez Rivera for State Representative.

I am a long-term resident of Chelsea and I have witnessed firsthand who are the true changemakers, and most importantly, who are the authentic leaders in the community, and Roberto always jumps to the top of the list. Roberto is truly invested and committed to helping Chelsea grow. He consistently shows up in all spaces with innovative ideas and passion—the passion I seek in our next leader. 

Whether it’s volunteering, at a community gathering/event, at a local political meeting, or enjoying the local parks, you are sure to see Roberto always with a big smile. His demeanor is welcoming and friendly.

As part of the Chelsea School Committee, Roberto has not shied away from important resolutions and votes, always putting the students and community first. He is truthful and transparent and is able to unite and reenergize our people.

As a Latina woman, I understand the power and importance of my vote, which is why I am choosing to support a candidate who speaks on behalf of women’s rights and truly understands the needs of the Latinx community. I know Roberto is a person who will represent everyone equally and fairly. He will tirelessly for the voiceless, uplift communities that have been overlooked, and will seek common ground when making difficult decisions.

Roberto Jimenez Rivera is the clear choice for State Representative for the 11th Suffolk district. If you want change and are excited about the real opportunities ahead, I invite you to join me in voting for Roberto Jimenez Rivera on September 6.

Zaida Ismatul Oliva

Leo Robinson Is the Best Person for the Job

To The Editor,

My name is Bruce Harrison a long time resident of Chelsea . I have known Leo Robinson for over 50 years. Leo Robinson is running  for State Representative for the City of Chelsea and parts  of Everett.

Leo has lived in Chelsea for most of his life. Leo is a family man. Leo has been an elected official in Chelsea for more than years. Leo is very dedicated  to his community. Leo Robinson has the most experience for this job and is the most qualified candidate for this job.

Leo knows how to work together with other councilors to get things done.  Leo will bring his leadership to the State  House and work very hard with other representatives to help Chelsea and Everett.  Leo has been with all the people in the city of Chelsea for many years. Leo will do the same with the people of Everett. Leo has been president of the Chelsea City Council several times.  I know that with Leo as our state representative,  Chelsea  and Everett  will be in good hands.  So go vote on September 6th for Leo Robinson, the best person for this job.     

Bruce Harrison

Leo Robinson : “The Man in the Arena”

To The Editor,

I reference Theodore Roosevelt’s famous speech wherein he describes leadership, criticism,failure, and experience. To paraphrase : “It is not the critic who counts…..the credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena….marred by dust and sweat and blood”. To me Chelsea has had their “man in the arena” for nearly 40 years in Leo Robinson. And it is why I believe he is the only choice on September 6th to be our next State representative in the newly formed district covering ALL of Chelsea and two wards of Everett. I’ve been here my whole life and never left. I raised my children here and stayed. I love Chelsea. Just like Leo Robinson. His combination of passion, dedication and commitment are unsurpassed. Most importantly though, his experience is what uniquely qualifies him. Make no mistake, experience matters. In fact, this district seat will require that the most. Over the years Leo has built valuable relationships and already knows many of the stakeholders on the state level from his extensive work on the city council and with CAPIC and The Lewis Latimer Society. More than this, he knows the process on Beacon Hill.

Leo is a legislator not just a perennial election winner. There is a distinction between the two. As an elected Union official I can attest. Getting elected isn’t the qualifier; it’s what you do afterward, your record, that will define you. Leo’s record speaks for itself. Don’t take my word for it, just look at the recorded archived minutes of council meetings. Leo moves a majority of the agenda items. In politics when you can’t control the action many just simply default to instead control the narrative and tell you how much they are doing. Leo Robinson controls the action.

Leo Robinson’s roots are in service both for his country (veteran) and then his community. He is a humble, unflappable and gracious leader. He isn’t a self promoter. Leo has a certain universal brand that quite frankly nobody has ever had. The voters change but Leo still keeps resonating with them. Sustenance. That is why he once again topped the at -large ticket last November. With Leo it’s always been about “us ,we or the city” and not “I” . It’s refreshing, especially with today’s elections drenched in identity politics. Leo has never submitted to that, even when he painfully lost in his inaugural at-large bid with nearly 3,500 votes. It was 1984 Chelsea. He was the only candidate of diversity. I watched him recover, never complain, and come back successfully the next term and kick in the proverbial door. Knowing today what I didn’t then , Leo certainly knew what an ‘underserved’ and ‘ underrepresented’ community was then…and still does now. However, you won’t hear that as a drumbeat of his platform or messaging. Instead, he stands in the arena and handles ALL issues from ALL voters. He always has. Leo was “grass roots” before that term existed. Leo will not sacrifice his integrity to enhance his chances to win an election. I always admired his demeanor and constitution. I believe it’s what has made him an effective and responsive leader. I liken him to Bill Belichick. Give him a community, district or any group of people and he will immerse himself and represent just as Bill would build a football team with players. Leo Robinson’s fundamental approach to representation is tried and true. It’s uncompromisable too because he doesn’t  appease special interests.

Leo Robinson is a pioneer when it comes to inclusivity. Leo was instinctually practicing the “big tent” concept way before it was coined as such in political science. Leo is/has been a staple at community events-no matter what corner of the city or time of year. Leo is and will be there. The Chelsea Record is archived ; the proof is there. Another quality Leo has and is essential to being effective is his temperament. He can take criticism and won’t run and hide from it. He has that political thick skin and is impervious to outside noise. I can assure you that he will be working for ALL of us at the seat we elect him to when he isn’t out in the community. And Everett, you will see him as he will become a staple in your community too.

Leo’s concerns are for the whole district, not segments of the district. Thus far I have heard from his opponents and their surrogates with veiled and vague references to our community’s concerns or inferences that somehow every other candidate besides themselves are outsiders–as if Leo hasn’t been around all this time? That’s rhetoric and unfortunately has become the formula to winning elections. All three candidates are local, and only Leo’s position covers the whole city.  There are many district concerns: property taxes (affordable housing) , infrastructure , health care , workers rights,public education, and transportation , climate, and childcare along with food insecurity that Leo has been involved with for years. These aren’t unicorn issues to Leo. He has been facing these same recurring issues for decades. He has been “ in the arena”.

This new seat cannot afford a honeymoon period or breaking in phase. We need a plug and play candidate. Leo Robinson will be ready on day one. He has been doing this his whole life. Leo was built for this. Sometimes the solution to an issue is hiding in plain sight. Occam’s razor is an idea that usually the simplest and obvious choice is the best explanation. Leo Robinson is the most qualified and experienced candidate on September 6.

Raymond Bell

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