A Prestigious Position: Dwyer Takes Office as an Assistant Clerk Magistrate at Chelsea District Court

James Edward Dwyer took the position of Assistant Clerk Magistrate of Chelsea District Court during an impressive ceremony June 17  at the courthouse.

As a longtime employee in the Massachusetts legal system, “Jim” Dwyer – as he is known best by family and friends – understood the prestige of his new position.

Judge Mary Orfanello swears in assistant clerk magistrate James Dwyer.

“I humbly accept this esteemed honor. I want to thank Clerk Magistrate Kevin Murphy for this great opportunity – to have him trust me to fulfill these duties, it’s a great honor that he gave to me,” said Dwyer. “This is a position of immense responsibility because you’re making judgments that are going tonaffect people’s lives. There’s a fine balance of understanding that responsibility.”

More than 70 family members and friends attended the ceremony, including Jim’s mother, Katherine Dwyer, his sister-in-law, Susan, and his nieces, Kattie and Kristie. His sister, Jackie, who like Jimmy is known for her sparkling wit and warm personality, was unable to attend due to an employment commitment.

“And my father [the late Robert Dwyer Sr.] my brother [the late Robert Dwyer Jr.], and my sister [the late Mary Dwyer] were here in spirit,” said Jim, with a touch of emotion and family pride in his voice.

The installation ceremony was indeed a momentous moment in the life and career of Jim Dwyer, a personable and highly respected, lifelong resident who grew up on Highland Street and attended Shurtleff School and Chelsea High School, graduating in 1982.

Assistant Clerk Magistrate Edward O’Neil served as master of ceremonies for the program. Clerk Magistrate Kevin Murphy, Attorney Gene O’Flaherty, and Justice Matthew J. Machera were among the speakers congratulating Dwyer on his promotion to assistant clerk magistrate and lauding his past contributions in the court system.

Jim Dwyer started his career in the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office in 1986. He worked in the office for nine years before taking a position at Chelsea District Court where he supervised the docket room. In 2002, he became the head administrative assistant, taking care of budget finances and other key responsibilities. This past April, Dwyer was promoted to assistant clerk magistrate.

“This is probably the best job I’ve ever had in my life,” said Dwyer.

He thanked some of his colleagues for their guidance and mentorship.

“I work with some great, great people,” said Jim. “Eddie O’Neil was my mentor. He’s a great teacher. Bobby O’Leary was the first assistant clerk here for a lot of years. I’d match Bobby up with any lawyer – he was that knowledgeable about the law. Harry Landry. Bobby Sullivan. They cared about people, and they always tried to help people, and I want to be like them. Bruce Glazer was the civil clerk here and he knew that job inside and out. Those are the type of outstanding individuals that I got to work with over the years.”

Jim Dwyer said he will maintain the same positive attitude in his new position and will make helping people a top priority. “I understand the prestige, but I’m still going to be Jim Dwyer. When I walk down the street, I just want people to say, ‘Hi, how are you doing?’ “I’ll always be Jim Dwyer.”

And that’s just how people in Chelsea want to acknowledge and appreciate one of its favorite sons and most popular residents.

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