State Senate Secures Necessary Funding for Triangle, Inc’s School

The State Senate reaffirmed its commitment to supporting the disability community by earmarking the expenses for Triangle, Inc.’s School to Career Program earmark in the FY 2023 budget. The two-hundred-thousand-dollar earmark that will allow for sustainable services to those most in need. 

School to Career (STC) is a vocational program for young adults between the ages of 18 and 22 looking to expand their career experience with the goal of securing competitive employment. Triangle currently partners with several school districts, including Chelsea, Marblehead, Randolph, and Stoughton, to offer STC to 20 students before they age out of school-supported programming. The organization is actively seeking out additional school partners to disrupt entrenched, systemic problems related to disability employment.

“At Triangle, Inc we believe a job is the greatest equalizer. Our members are eager to go to work – but like everyone, they just need a little guidance in getting prepared, knowing what to expect in the workforce, connecting with the right opportunities for their skills, or getting the skills needed for their career ambitions,” said Triangle CEO Coleman Nee. “We know there are many priorities for our state leaders to consider and we are more than grateful for their continued support and recognition in knowing that we are all people with ability.”  

Elected representatives including Senator Sal DiDomenico, Senator Brendan Crighton, Senator Walter Timilty, Senator Nick Collins, Senator Michaels Brady, Senator Joan Lovely, and Senator Jason Lewis worked tirelessly during this budget process to support the disability community. 

Since 1971, Triangle, Inc. has empowered people with disabilities and their families to live rich, fulfilling lives. With a strong focus on employment, empowerment, independence, and community engagement, Triangle, Inc. reaches more than 4,000 people across eastern Massachusetts each year. Through all of its efforts, Triangle, Inc reminds our communities that we are all people with abilities. Learn more about the organization and their impact at

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