DA Reaffirms Original Finding in 2017 Officer-Involved Shooting

The Suffolk County District Attorney’s office has completed its review of a 2017 officer-involved shooting in Chelsea, and reaffirmed that officers acted lawfully and reasonably.

Last week, DA Kevin Hayden released the final investigative finding into the incident involving Kelly Pastrana on May 22, 2017. The investigation confirmed the original findings by former District Attorney Rachael Rollins.

The Pastrana investigation determined that the involved officers’ actions were lawful and reasonable exercises of self-defense and/or defense of others, and no criminal charges are warranted, according to Hayden.

“This was a deeply traumatic case for all involved—Mr. Pastrana’s wife, his daughter, the Chelsea police officers and firefighters on scene, and the neighbors who, by simple proximity, became unwilling participants in the unfolding tragedy,” Hayden said.

On May 22, 2017, Pastrana punched and choked his wife following an argument at the couple’s home at 80 Warren Ave., according to the DA’s office. Pastrana then pursued his wife and 10-year-old daughter as they attempted to find refuge at a neighbor’s house across the street, and fired gunshots at them while they hid in the house.

Pastrana returned to his house and fired multiple shots at a Chelsea police officer who responded to multiple 911 calls for a man with a gun, according to the report. Pastrana then set fire to his house while he was in it and fired shots at a second officer while the house was burning.

Pastrana ultimately died in the fire he started.

Hayden’s office has reopened investigations into a number of officer-involved shootings in Suffolk County that took place over the past several years.

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