ZBA Continues Hearing on Lab Building at Floramo’s Site

The developers looking to build an 11-story research and development laboratory at 213 Everett Ave, the current site of Floramo’s Restaurant, were before the Zoning Board of Appeals on Tuesday night.

However, Doug Medvetz, one of the principles of the applicant group Verdynt, asked for a continuance of the hearing until July when all members of the ZBA are present.

“We believe with the size of the project, we’d like to have a full board review of this so we are going to ask to continue this until July,” said Medvetz.

The proposal is before the ZBA seeking special permits and variances for the demolition of the existing one-story structure, the combination of three adjoining lots, and the construction of the proposed research building.

The special permits and variances are needed because the project does not meet the minimum requirements for lot area, rear and front yard setbacks, minimum aisle width, and the number of off-street parking spaces. The proposed building also exceeds the maximum number of stories and floor area ratio.

One the project comes before the ZBA, it will then move forward to the Planning Board for its recommendations before coming back to the ZBA for final approval.

Floramo’s restaurant, known for its “where the meat falls off the bone,” catchphrase, was founded in 1984 by Tommy and Pat Floramo. Today, the restaurant is operated by John Floramo.

In other business, the ZBA opened a public hearing for Concrete Garden, Inc. to renovate existing first floor space and mezzanine tenant space for a proposed retail marijuana facility at 307 Broadway.

Plans for another retail marijuana facility at 320 Revere Beach Parkway were withdrawn without prejudice, but the attorney for the project said revised plans for a marijuana facility at the site will likely be resubmitted by the fall.

The ZBA also opened a public hearing on the expansion of a single-story commercial space at 157 Washington Ave. to add a second story to construct four small apartment units.

That project will go before the Planning Board later in May, and will be back before the ZBA in July.

Owners of an adjacent funeral home on Washington Ave. raised concerns about parking at the site, as well as a proposed roof deck that would overlook the funeral home property.

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