A Preview of Chelsea’s Newest Complex, 1005 Broadway

TND (The Neighborhood Development) group has been busy, bringing a new low income, 11 one-bedroom, 23 two-bedrooms and four three-bedroom living complex to the lot located at 1005 Broadway (across from the Beth Israel Health Center.) The low income stats are estimated as 30 units at 60% AMI and eight units at 30% AMI and will be completed sometime in the fall of 2022.

With a beautiful window view of Broadway Chelsea in the back ground, the visitors get a good idea of the luxury and high quality the building will provide to it’s residents.

City Manager Tom Ambrosino is very excited over this latest development, he stated since he took over as the City of Chelsea manager, he wanted to see this eyesore empty lot developed for the good of the community. CEO, Rafel Mares of the TND was also on site to show his 100% approval of this latest project and stated,D it would have not been possible without the total cooperation of the investors and partners of TND. Mares was excited that the project was being developed in passive house standards, using high grade windows to keep out cold in winter months and keep it cool during the summer months, solar panels will also be installed on the rooftop, and a public usage park will also be part of the project site.

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