A Welcome Sight in Boston Harbor

We were sitting in our home office Monday morning when we saw something we hadn’t seen in more than two years — a cruise ship (the Norwegian Pearl) sailing into Boston Harbor.

A half dozen or more cruise ships routinely sailed from Boston each week before the pandemic, but this was the first large cruise ship we’d seen since late 2019.

We looked up the Pearl — which makes seven-day cruises from Boston to Bermuda (with a stop at Bar Harbor, Maine, on the return) — and saw that its first cruise of this season is set for later this week.

Although a cruise aboard a large ship (the Pearl has a capacity of about 2400 passengers) is not exactly our cup of tea, so to speak, it was nice to see the colorful ship making its way past Graves Light, the Brewsters, Lovell’s Island, and Deer Island along the main shipping channel of President Roads.

Hopefully, it’s a sign that the worst of the pandemic is behind us and better days are on the horizon.

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