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Keep Your Heart Healthy With Good Food Choices

Treat your heart as you would a friend. Making mindful food choices, moving your body regularly, and sleeping well are all key to maintaining a healthy relationship with your heart and avoiding heart disease. In recognition of National Heart Health Month, Mystic Valley Elder Services (MVES) Nutrition Services has the following good food choice tips 

· Choose a variety of fruits and vegetables every day.

·  Include whole-grain, high fiber foods such as barley, bran cereals, brown rice, buckwheat, corn, oatmeal, plain popcorn, quinoa, rye, whole wheat bread, wild rice, whole grain pasta.

· Consume fish at least twice each week, especially herring, mackerel, salmon, sardines, trout, or tuna.

· Choose lean meats and non-meat protein alternatives — chicken, turkey, fish, pork, lean beef, beans, nuts, egg substitutes, or egg whites.

· Select fat-free, skim or 1% milk, and low-fat cheeses and low-fat yogurt. (You can also try the new variety of non-dairy milks available, such as almond milk or rice milk, which have less saturated fat than dairy.)

· Minimize your intake of partially hydrogenated fats, such as butter or margarine.

· Minimize intake of high-sugar, high-fat pastries such as muffins, donuts, cakes, pies, cookies, candies.

· Limit beverages high in added sugars such as soda, fruit punch, and sweetened coffee and teas.

· Choose & prepare foods with little or no salt.

· If you consume alcohol, do so in moderation. Dietary guidelines suggest one drink/day for women and up to two drinks for men.

· Be attentive to your portion sizes and the balance of foods on your plate. Changes in weight can put stress on your heart.

If you are interested in learning more about MVES’ Nutrition Programs, please visit us at or call 781-324-7705.

MVES Offers Safety Tips When Walking in Snowy and Icy Conditions

 Each winter, slip and fall accidents cause serious injuries. Even when surfaces do not look especially icy or slippery, it is very possible that a thin sheet of transparent ice or “Black Ice” is covering your pathway putting you at risk. When you approach a footpath or roadway that appears to be covered with ice or snow, always use extreme caution. Many slips and falls happen in places people regard as safe and secure, typically outside their front door, on the doorstep, on the path or while getting out of the car.

With the winter weather upon us, Mystic Valley Elder Services’ (MVES) Safety Committee advises these 10 tips to make sure you are staying safe when walking around in snowy and icy conditions.

· Walk slowly and carefully. Wear boots or other slip-resistant footwear.

· Use special care when getting in and out of vehicles. Use the vehicle for support if you need to do so.

· Watch for slippery floors when you enter any building or home.

· Avoid walking with your hands in your pockets; this can reduce your ability to catch yourself if you lose your balance.

· Watch out for black ice.

· Tap your foot on potentially slick areas to see if the areas are slippery.

· Walk as flat-footed as possible in very icy areas.

· Avoid uneven surfaces if possible. Avoid steps or curbs with ice on them.

· Report any untreated surfaces to your town, property owner, or work’s maintenance department to help keep you safe.

· Remember: Ice and snow mean, “take it slow!”

If you are interested in knowing more about Mystic Valley Elder Services’ programs, please visit us here or call.

Free Ice Skating for Chelsea Residents this Sunday!

Ice skating is a great way to stay fit and meet new people! Come skate the afternoon away with family and friends. Ice skates rental is free for Chelsea residents. Bring your ID. Children must be accompanied by an adult. Cronin Memorial Ice Skating Rink, 870 Revere Beach Parkway, Sunday, February 27,  2:40-4:30pm.

Future Lawyers Club – A Legal Improv   

Ages 10-14 learn the key skills of a lawyer through role-play and activities. Great introductory course for youth interested in pursuing a career in law or law enforcement. Mondays Feb 28-May 2 from 6-7pm, $30. Register online:  or in person at the  Williams Building, 180 Walnut Street, Monday – Friday 4-8:30pm and Saturday 9-4:30pm. Call (617) 466-5233.

Spring Recreation Programs

Looking for interesting, fun activities to do in Chelsea?  Simply go to: where you can view a wide range of programs for youth & adults such as: computer technology, art & music classes, and youth sports. Register online or in person at the  Williams Building, 180 Walnut Street, Monday – Friday 4-8:30pm and Saturday 9-4:30pm.  Call (617) 466-5233.

Rockland Trust Launches their Annual Scholarship Program

Rockland Trust announced the launch of its 2022 Scholarship Program for students who are enrolling in a part-time or full-time undergraduate study for the first time at an accredited two- or four-year college, university, or vocational-technical school for the entire upcoming academic year (2022-2023). Rockland Trust has expanded the program to provide up to sixteen $3,000 renewable scholarships. This year scholarships will be renewable up to three years or until a bachelor’s degree is earned.

Rockland Trust has opened the program to high school graduates and GED recipients in addition to current high school seniors. Applications will be considered based on financial need, academic performance, participation in school and community activities, work experience, a statement of career and educational goals and objectives, and unusual personal or family circumstances.  Applicants must reside in one of the following counties to be eligible: Barnstable, Bristol, Dukes, Essex, Middlesex, Nantucket, Norfolk, Plymouth, Suffolk, or Worcester in Massachusetts or Providence County in Rhode Island.

“Rockland Trust is delighted to enhance our annual scholarship program to reach additional students throughout the communities we serve,” said Christopher Oddleifson, Chief Executive Officer at Rockland Trust. “With the renewable benefit of the program, we look forward to building a more meaningful relationship with the scholarship recipients throughout their post-secondary education as they prepare for their future.”

Rockland Trust Scholarship applications will be available online at, beginning Tuesday, February 15th. To learn more about Rockland Trust’s scholarship application, guidelines, and eligibility criteria, please visit

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