Red Sox Star Tim Naehring Supports His Close Friend at Remembrance Event

Tim Naehring was gracious as Red Sox fans recognized him among the large crowd who attended the Celebration of Life for Marcy Rosenberg Cochran Saturday at the Chelsea Yacht Club.

The former Red Sox star third baseman had traveled a long distance to join Marcy’s many friends for the special tribute to the beloved Chelsea High Class of 1977 graduate who made her home on Admiral’s Hill with her husband, Joe Cochran, the Sox’ highly respected clubhouse and equipment manager.

Naehring, who is the New York Yankees Vice President of Baseball Operations, reflected on his close friendship with Joe and Marcy and the many good times they shared.

“I feel honored to be here,” said Naehring. “I spent a number of years in Boston, and coming here as a Red Sox player, and being a single guy from the Midwest and coming to Boston, Joe Cochran was our clubhouse guy and he and I established a friendship early on.

“I consider him one of my best friends to this day,” said Naehring. “Along with Joe, there was the pillar behind the Cochran family, which was Marcy. It was always a treat when we were able to travel to New York and have a Sunday day game and then go out to dinner with Joe and Marcy. I was lucky enough to go on trips with him and visited their timeshare in Aruba – and Marcy was just a wonderful person.

“I guess the best compliment I can give her is when you’re in baseball and you do your job well, there’s a great support cast that are behind you, and Marcy was that for Joe Cochran. Marcy was the pillar, a strong woman that kept the Cochran family moving forward for a lot of years. And it was a tribute to Joe when Marcy was sick and battling and battling, probably more so than many of us would have battled through it – the one thing I can say for my good friend, Joe, was that he was there for her. They were a tremendous couple and I think we can learn a lot from who they were as people, who they are as people, and the relationships that they made over the years. They were so consistent in how they dealt with people. It didn’t matter what walk of life, what your beliefs were – they treated everybody equally and as friends, and they opened their homes. So, I’m honored to be back in Boston to share in this celebration,” concluded Naehring.

During the speaking program, Joe’s friend, Gary Groves, told the story of how Tim Naehring called Joe every day to see how he and Marcy were doing during the difficult health challenges they faced. Naehring did it quietly, and he was there when the Cochrans needed him most.

Tim Naehring reached the top of his profession by playing in the Major Leagues and now serving as an MLB baseball executive. But for Joe Cochran, he will also be appreciated for his great friendship and support beyond the Red Sox clubhouse.

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