Chalk Art Saturdays 2021 Here

Special to the Record

Make your mark in chalk!  The City of Chelsea looks forward to the community art project Chalk Art Saturdays 2021 to follow the success of Chalk Art Saturdays 2020. Last year, we encouraged the public to “join in at home.” We now invite the public to come out on location on June 26, July 17, and August 7. (Rain Days are Sundays).

Local artists will create chalk murals on each Saturday and the public is invited to join, view the process, and make their own chalk art alongside the artists, in adjacent spaces.  We aim to spark collective art-making at both visible and hidden gem locations, and to Cross Pollinate across communities as we come back together after a year spent apart. Our theme of Cross Pollination dovetails with the roadway murals in the downtown on Division Street and in Chelsea Square – and specific themes and exact locations will be announced for each weekend. Chalk Art Saturdays is created and coordinated by Studioful Design with support from the City of Chelsea.

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