School Updates

District Updates

•As we come up on one year from when the District closed down due to the pandemic.  We celebrate our Chelsea Community and their resilience during this unprecedented year.  Below is a message from a CPS parent that reminds us all that our work does not go un noticed.  TOGETHER WE ARE BETTER!

“As a parent for the past 10 years of three Chelsea Public Schools students I just want to give a special thanks to some AWESOME teachers that have gone above and beyond.  Also that gratitude that I feel with the resources that have been provided for us as parents.  Today marks a year that our children have been home.  At that moment I do not believe that any of us were prepared for what was to come.  As many probably were expecting is that schools would be open in 2 weeks, then probably in a few months but never in my mind would I have thought that this pandemic will change our lives as it has.  Communication from the schools was always and is so GREAT,  I’ve received emails, texts, messages in Class Dojo, phone calls.  There definitely has not been a time that I’ve felt clueless or without guidance of what happening with my children’s education.  I feel optimistic as we are getting more info regarding school openings.

We are coming to the end and seeing that light at the end of the tunnel.  Has it been easy? Not at all but what I’m certain of and overly pleased is of the CPS System.  My kids and myself were provided with all the tools needed to make Remote Learning manageable and almost stress free.  Thank you to all that made these events and items possible for our CPS students and parents: Chromebooks, Internet access, Supplies, school breakfast & lunch, Information Sessions for Parents (Seesaw, Class Dojo, Internet Safety, Reopening Schools, Supporting My Child, Coffee Hour) and even the distribution of Pajamas & Backpacks also by having Spirit Days and many Virtual activities.

Thank you to ALL the CPS Teachers & Staff but these teachers are one of a KIND (Patient, Loving, Helpful, Respectful, Positive etc.)

Berkowitz School Updates

•At the 100th day of School celebration on Monday March 8,

Berkowitz School first grader Hichem showed off his 100th Day celebration artwork.

Hooks School Updates

•The Hooks School hosted over 30 guest readers this week for our celebration of Read Across America. Readers included CPS administrators, community members, Dr. Abeyta, Assistant Principal Dore, Principal Clark, Assistant Principal Mr. Machado and former Hooks principal Mrs. Lubarsky. Dr. Abeyta read ‘The Dot’ and students sent her drawings of dots to thank her. 

•On Monday, March 8, students celebrated the 100th day of school in math.  In Ms. O’Neill’s fourth grade class, parents were invited to come into our Zooms and participate in a 100th day math activity with their child. Students had so much fun getting to work with the parents and showing them fraction and bar graph making skills.

Early Learning Center Updates

•Miss Ashley and Miss Annie’s class are getting ready for St. Patrick’s Day and drew some leprechauns.

•Ms. Frometa was a special guest reader in Ms. Jamie’s Kindergarten class last Friday. The class read a story then drew pictures of things they practiced to learn how to do. The class came up with many great ideas such as learning how to ride a bike or a scooter, catch butterflies, and even how to ride on a zipline.

•Mrs. Fowler’s class read books this week about What is in the Sky!

Students had fun drawing their own star constellations.

Sokolowski School Updates

•Mr. F’s third grade class was honored to have School Committee Chairwoman Kelly Garcia Mirza as a special guest this past Monday, March 8. She talked to us about growing up in Chelsea and about her work as the Chairwoman of the Chelsea School Committee. She also read a great biography of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for us as part of our celebration of Women’s History Month. After that, we had a great discussion about ways to make the world better and the importance of having our students’ voices be heard. It was inspiring to hear from someone like her who is dedicated to making a positive impact in her community.

Morris H. Seigal Clark Ave.Êupdates

•Students in the Clark Avenue Middle School online learning center completed technology education projects while in school. We are proud of our students efforts and perseverance.

Wright Science & Tech. Academy Updates

•Congratulations to 8th Grader, Shania Alarcon Portillo from the WSTA for having her artwork chosen for the Annual Budget Cover.

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