Saenz Hopes to Develop New Property at 856 Broadway

Robert Ricardo Saenz is a long-time Chelsea resident who immigrated here from Colombia as a child.

Now a successful real estate investment advisor, Saenz is hoping to develop an eight-unit condominium property at 856 Broadway.

“I’m hoping to convert the single-family home into eight homes of which I’ll be owning one of them,” said Saenz, who currently resides in the Spencer Lofts.

By developing his own project, Saenz indicated that he will be able to afford  to stay in Chelsea, a city he has come to love.

“Instead of looking elsewhere and making a new home in some other city, this way I can afford to stay in Chelsea and provide housing to other people who want to live in Chelsea,” said Saenz.

He said he will raze the current home at 856 Broadway and build the brand-new condominium complex.

The new building, located across the street from the Broadway Glen Apartments, would be five stories tall with an elevator. Each unit will have a kitchen, dining room, living room, and two bedrooms.

“It will have a modern, elegant look to it, with a roof deck, one-vehicle, garage parking for each unit, and be right on the bus route,” said Saenz. “It will be energy-efficient and bring in seven new families to the city of Chelsea.”

Saenz said his next step is to present his plans before the Chelsea Planning Board at its March 23 meeting.

“I’m hoping to get a positive response in my first time trying to develop a property in Chelsea,” said Saenz. He immigrated to the United States in 1987. His parents, Ricardo and Myriam Seanz, live on Beacon Street, Chelsea.

Saenz attended Northeast Regional Vocational High School, graduating in 1998. Saenz is the father of two children.

Looking at his development plans, Saenz offered, “This is my way of being able to contribute to the housing crisis by providing market-rate properties to those who can afford it and for anyone who wants to continue to live in Chelsea.”

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