Al Mazin hits number 73, but who is counting anyway

Friends feted Chelsea native Albert “Al” Mazin at a 73rd birthday celebration at Rossetti Restaurant in Lynn.

Among those in attendance at the guest of honor’s table were Scott Hagemeister and Steven Waxman.

Al enjoyed a main course of Frutti Di Mare Fra Diavolo that consisted of New England sea scallops, Gulf shrimp, Cape Cod Littlenecks, Prince Edward Island mussels, and calamari, served over fresh linguini.

“The meal was delicious,” said Al, who received a personal birthday wish from owner Bob Rossetti during the party.

Born on Feb. 10, 1948, Al grew up on Bellingham Street and attended the Shurtleff School. He graduated from Chelsea High in 1966.

Al and his wife, Diane (Botta) Mazin have been married for 45 years. They have four children, Randy, Kristi, Robyn, and Ryan.

Al has been a member of the Merritt Club for 45 years. He is also a supporter of other local clubs and organizations and a charismatic guest at Chelsea Chamber of Commerce and Rotary Club social events.

He played softball for the Moose Club team in the Chelsea Modified Fast Pitch Softball League at Highland Park. Reportedly, the 5-foot-10-inch, right-handed hitter had close to a .300 batting average in the league.

“But not that close,” jested Al.

Al said he loves the City of Chelsea.“I’ve always loved the city, the people – it’s changed a lot but it’s still a No. 1 city,” said Al.

Asked how he feels at the age of 73, Al replied, “I feel 21.”

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