Santa Parade to Go Through Chelsea on Dec. 19

Santa’s always been mobile, but COVID-19 this year has him moving quite efficiently.

The City, Chamber of Commerce and a number of partners are coming together to have Santa Claus hosted in a parade through Chelsea on Dec. 19 from 3-5 p.m. Residents can look out their windows, from their porches/balconies or on Facebook.

Chelsea Police, Chelsea Fire, Cataldo Ambulance and several classic cars will accompany Santa through the streets.

The three routes are as follows (maps are available on the City of Chelsea’s website):

•#1 – Chestnut to Medford to Beacon to Mulberry to Chestnut to Everett Avenue to Essex Street and back on Congress Avenue.

•#2 – Park Street to Central Ave/Willow to Marlborough to Highland Street to Broadway/Stockton to Clark Avenue to Orange Street to Carter Street to Washington Avenue to Jefferson Avenue.

•#3 – Jefferson Avenue to Exeter Street to Wesley Street to Washington Avenue/Prospect to Springvale to Washington Avenue to Sagamore Avenue to Bloomingdale Street to Washington Avenue.

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