The Neighborhood Developers receives $12,500 in grants for COVID-19 aid

The Neighborhood Developers (TND), a community-based organization in Chelsea, announced today that it has received $12,500 in grants from Eastern Bank Charitable Foundation. These grants are part of a commitment from the Eastern Bank Charitable Foundation to provide financial support to local organizations focused on COVID-19 relief.

“Our communities have come together in inspiring ways during the pandemic,” says TND Executive Director Rafael Mares. “Support from Eastern Bank Charitable Foundation enabled TND to get economic support out into Chelsea and Revere.” With resources provided by organizations like the Eastern Bank Charitable Foundation, TND launched the CONNECT Resource Hotline in late March that had, by late September, helped 2,514 callers. In the early days of the pandemic, most callers to the Hotline sought help applying for unemployment insurance; today callers are asking about rental assistance. TND estimates that it has helped callers to access $2,658,520 in public assistance monies.

The Eastern Bank Charitable Foundation is providing a total of $8 million in COVID-19 philanthropic support in the communities it serves. The Neighborhood Developers has received grants for its work helping local residents as they cope and adjust to new circumstances such as food insecurity, financial challenges, and isolation brought on by the virus.

“Evidence of the impact of this virus outbreak on our neighbors, families, and small businesses is everywhere,” said Nancy Huntington Stager, President and CEO of Eastern Bank Charitable Foundation. “And, we also see the resiliency, sheer will, and hope of people across our region as they band together to help one another. The need for assistance continues to grow, and we will do what we can to give back and support the most vulnerable populations in our communities as well as encourage those who are able to do so to join us.”

Founded in 1978, TND’s mission is to create strong neighborhoods that enable community members to secure a stable home, achieve economic mobility, and determine their own future. TND encourages any community members needing help accessing important necessities such as rental assistance, SNAP food benefits or unemployment insurance to call the CONNECT Resource Hotline at 617-712-3487. If you are interested in volunteering for the hotline, please contact TND’s Communications and Volunteerism AmeriCorps VISTA Makayela Isbell at [email protected]. TND has the greatest need for bilingual (English/Spanish) volunteers.

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