Philip Russo Announces Candidacy for 16th Suffolk District State Rep.

Philip Russo has announced his candidacy for the State Representative race. The following is his statement:

My name is Philip Russo and I am writing to let you know I am running for the 16th District State Representative Office. Due to restraints from Coronavirus I was unable to receive the necessary signatures by the deadline and was unable to make the ballot, although I am running as a “STICKER” candidate in a WRITE-IN campaign.

Voters should have a choice on who gets to serve their community.

Having lived in Revere for over 30 years and currently running a small business in Saugus, which was originally based in Chelsea, I have come to realize that our communities have drastically changed. The cost to live in our cities and towns have increased and placed a hardship on many families. This is something that compels me to run for office – we can do better in Revere, Saugus, and Chelsea.

My focus is on the future of our district.

In 2012 I met my wife Lisa and we married in October of 2013 at St. Anthony’s Church in Revere MA. We are blessed to have 2 beautiful children, who remind me every day of how important strong leadership is for their future, all our children’s futures – this is my main reason for running for State Representative. Being a business owner, union carpenter, and  entrepreneur,  I  know  how  important  it is to be honest and I pledge to always be the voice to speak for the people.

I Philip Russo am a conservative Republican who will be a true voice to represent all the people. I am running on an America First Agenda- Education, not Indoctrination. Defend our Police, not Defund them. I am Pro-life and want to work on infrastructure and housing. I believe in God, Family, and Country. Please Join me on Sept. 1, 2020 at the polls. Request a  Republican  ballot and  place the enclosed sticker or write in my name, Philip Russo, in the space designated on the ballot. The position will read; Representative in General Court, Sixteenth Suffolk District.

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