And Now, Stinging Jellyfish….

The ocean temperature barely has reached 60 degrees in Boston Harbor and vicinity, but the warnings on our beaches have confirmed what the beachcombers among us have known for a week or so — the dreaded jellyfish have arrived.

According to the experts, these are the lion’s mane jellyfish, whose flowing tentacles (hence their name), when they are fully-grown, can extend as long as 90 feet. (Reportedly, the largest recorded specimen ever measured occurred in 1865 off the coast of Massachusetts and had a bell with a diameter of seven feet and tentacles of about 120 feet. 

They principally are found in the extreme northern oceans, but they come to our latitudes at this time of year, though fortunately not many are of the full-size stature that they attain in colder waters.

The jellyfish have been seen from Nahant to Hull in recent days. Although most are not fully-grown at this stage of their lives, they nonetheless have the ability to deliver quite a sting to anyone who comes into contact with them.

So swimmers beware. The ocean may provide a respite from the coronavirus, but the jellyfish will be waiting.

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