#StayWell: Chelsea’s Chick Corea Performs in A Group of 60 International Artists

 As individuals and institutions the world over face unprecedented challenges, Grammy Award-winning music legends, including Chelsea native Chick Corea, teamed up to help spread a smile and stay well. 

The result is the music video “Spread a Smile,” a modern-day “WE ARE THE WORLD,” that has already hit over 5 million views, generating an international following across more than 100 nations.

Chelsea native Chick Corea appeared in a video recently called ‘Spread a Smile’ with more than 60 other musicians.

The Church of Scientology of Boston, where Corea is well-known as a member, is a voice among those millions making that message heard across New England where it is also working to ensure people better understand how to keep themselves and work places sanitized and more safe from our current pandemic with free information that can be found with the “Spread a Smile” video at  Scientology.org/StayWell.

 “This is what we need right now when so many people are isolated,” said Kevin Hall, Human Rights Director for the Scientology Church of Boston that is temporarily, in Quincy Center. “You really can’t help but smile when viewing this video so we are getting this out to as many people as we can. All you have to do is click, watch and spread a smile.” 

The music video inspiration and now internet sensation features Grammy Award-winning legends Chick Corea, Stanley Clarke, Mark Isham and David Campbell among an array of 60 international artists. Corea and Clarke were members of the popular jazz/fusion band “Return to Forever.” Keyboard specialist and composer Corea has won 20 Grammy Awards while his band mate Clarke has won 5 times as an extremely accomplished bass player.

This uniquely inspired collaboration comprises an ensemble filming from their homes around the world. Artists participated from New York, Los Angeles, Bogotá, Milan, Melbourne, Cape Town and more than a dozen other cities across Europe and the United States.

“Spread a Smile” tells viewers that, even if you’re stuck at home, you can lift the world up by spreading positivity. It’s a message harmonized throughout the video by Smash Mouth’s Greg Camp, radio and television personality Kerri Kasem, Australian icon Kate Ceberano, Chilean singer-songwriter Alberto Plaza, Argentine star Diego Verdaguer, Israeli guitarist extraordinaire David Broza, Cuban-born bass virtuoso Carlitos Del Puerto, Idols South Africa star Tebogo Louw and Colombian actor-comedian Andrés López.

Written and produced by Scientology Media Productions, “Spread a Smile” is about the power of togetherness, even in a time when we’re all apart. The video further raises awareness about basic prevention and wellness resources available at the How to Stay Well Prevention Resource Center. The center provides materials, including PSAs, booklets and signage—all downloadable for free online at Scientology.org/StayWell.

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