Chelsea Firefighter Helps to Save Man During New Year’s Eve Concert

Chelsea Fire Capt. Michael Thompson and a Cambridge Police officer are being lauded this week for their efforts – while off-duty – to help save a man who had a heart attack during a sold out New Year’s Eve concert in Danvers.

Chief Leonard Albanese reported the heroic actions by Capt. Thompson, and said the entire Department was proud of his work.

“On behalf of the Department, I commend you on your actions and representing the proud tradition of the Chelsea Fire Department,” he said.

Albanese said both Capt. Thompson and Cambridge Officer Chris Borum, also  from Chelsea, were attending a sold-out New Year’s Eve concert with nearly 500 people in attendance at the Hilton DoubleTree in Danvers. As Capt. Thompson enjoyed the concert, suddenly there was a medical emergency in the crowd.

A man had suffered a heart attack on the dance floor and was down.

A call went out on the public address system asking for first responders to help aid the man.

“They immediately recognized the male victim was unconscious and needed immediate medical attention,” read the narrative of the event.

They began performing CPR on the victim and called for an AED defibrillator. Once getting the defibrillator, the put it to use and brought the man back to life.

“They successfully delivered two life-saving shocks with the defibrillator which brought the victim back to life as local police, fire and EMS personnel arrived on scene,” read the narrative. “If not for their actions, the victim would likely be deceased. Their professionalism, dedication, and loyal devotion to duty reflect great credit upon themselves and are in keeping with the highest standards and traditions of the fire and police services.”

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