Police Briefs 10-31-2019

By Seth Daniel and Paul Koolloian

Armed Robbery with Firearm

On  at 2:45 p.m. on Oct. 20, officers responded to the area of 216 Broadway (Humberto Market) for a report of an armed robbery involving a firearm. Officers were able to identify the vehicle involved utilizing the city camera system. The suspect vehicle was spotted a short time later with a male entering the drivers’ side door. CPD detectives arrived and secured the vehicle and questioned the suspect. They placed him under arrest for Armed Robbery. Detectives seized evidence of the robbery after conducting a search warrant.

Virgilio Castro Carranaza, 39, of 99 Central Ave., was charged with two counts of armed robbery with a firearm, two counts of armed assault to rob, and two counts of receiving stolen property over $1,200.

Group Attack

On Oct. 15, at 9 a.m., officers responded to the intersection of Highland and Gerrish Avenue for a report of an assault in progress. Upon arrival, officers spoke with a witness who saw the attack of the victim by six Hispanic males, who all exited from a van and then proceeded to assault the victim. 

Officers identified all six involved and placed them under arrest for assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

Ray Bennett, 19, of Winthrop; Kevin Gomez-Solis, 25, of 149 Addison St.; Fernando Cruz, 22, of Medford; Alexander Pleitez-Molina, 22, of Somerville; Jaylen Zayas, 19, of 9 Park St.; and Orlando Herrera, 25, of Lynn; were all charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and assault and battery.

Armed Man Apprehended in Chelsea High

On Oct. 15, at 11:30 a.m., the CPD officer assigned to Chelsea High School was directed to a classroom where a male, who was not a student, walked into a classroom. The male was known to the officer and not a student. He was arrested for trespassing and illegally carrying a knife on school grounds.

Douglas Amaya Alvarado, 18, of 69 Central Ave., was charged with trespassing and carrying a dangerous weapon on school grounds.

Shooting People with BB Gun

On Oct. 17, at 2:15 p.m., a CPD officer was dispatched to the area of Division at Cross Street for a report of a person shooting a BB Gun at multiple cars and nearly striking the victim as he entered his car. Officers received information on the suspect and placed him under arrest at 167 Walnut St. The BB-gun was seized.

A 17-year-old juvenile from Chelsea was charged with assault with a dangerous weapon.

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