Class of 2020 has Personality, President Says

Lisandra Molina said her class is yet another that should make an impression next year when they become seniors.

Molina, the junior class president, said they have learned a lot from the Class of 2019.

“I feel I learned a lot from the senior class, especially in NHS,” she said.

The class has already shown an acumen for raising money, and has quite a bit saved to help with the prom and other events. That has come through being a bit creative.

One thing they did was raise money by cleaning the classrooms of teachers for the end of school, and selling Pupusas to teachers to raise funds as well.

Certainly, she said, they will have a voice.

“We all have a lot of personality,” she said. “If you put us all in a room, there is no quiet person in there, especially when it comes to history. Our personalities don’t clash. They complement one another.”

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