Letters to the Editor

All are welcome

Dear Editor,

We raise the flag in solidarity and compassion while we reflect on Pride and celebrate the LGBTQ+ community with our allies. Following the event, all are welcome to join the LGBTQ+ Coalition at The Winnisimmet Lounge for an after party, made possible in part by generous support from State Representative Dan Ryan. For those who are able, the Coalition will lead a procession from City Hall to the Winnisimmet Lounge after speaking ends, where we will pass the Apollinaire Theatre, which will be beaming with rainbow light for the month of the June.

Before you come and join us on Sunday, check us out the Chelsea Night Market from 6pm-8pm on Saturday, June 8th. The LGBTQ Coalition will have a table so stop by and say hello! Before that, you can take a stroll through Winnisimmet Park, which now has a rainbow garden thanks to the generous support of the City of Chelsea.

No matter where you are in Chelsea this June, the spirit of Pride surrounds us. Come out and join us at one, two, or all of our events in the coming week as we celebrate life, create new memories, and honor those who fought for us to live and love freely.

LGBTQ+ Coalition

John Valinch

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