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The City released the 2018 payroll figures for the City of Chelsea this week. The top earner was once again Chief Brian Kyes at $230,344, as per his recent contract. For the police earners, much of the gross salary listed also include detail pay, the vast majority of which does not come from City funds. Of the Top 10 highest paid, eight were from the Police or Fire Departments. City Manager Tom Ambrosino checked in at number 10, making $180,441.

NAME              TITLE                           EARNINGS

Brian Kyes        Chief of Police               $230,344.33

Joseph Fern       Sergeant                        $211,872.46

Thomas Dunn    Captain Police Dept.       $205,872.85

Waynen Ulwick Deputy Chief                 $203,288.67

Keith Houghton Captain Police Dept.       $197,453.50

David Batchelor Captain Police Dept.       $194678.46

John Quatieri     Deputy Chief                 $183,497.21

Mary Bourque    Superintendent 225         $182,148.98

Robert Houghton  Deputy Chief               $182,019.22

Thomas Ambrosino  City Mgr.                $180,441.72

Hector Gonzalez Sergeant                        $176,440.18

Michael Thompson  Captain Fire Dept.     $166,379.54

Michael Masucci            Deputy Chief                 $166,189.31

Paul Giancola    Deputy Chief                $166,978.20

Edwin Nelson    Lt. Police Dept.              $164,488.50

Michael Addonizio  Sergeant                   $162.911.18

Edward McGarry  Deputy Chief              $161,706.80

David Flibotte    Sergeant                        $160,531.80

Rony Gobin       Capt. Fire Dept.             $158,983.82

John Noftle       Sergeant                        $156,654.04

Robert Denning  Capt. Fire Dept.             $156,582.07

Leonard Albanese  Fire Chief                  $156,436.80

Paul Doherty     Capt. Fire Dept.             $156,210.97

William Dana    Capt. Police Dept.          $155,886.74

Daniel Delaney  Lt. Police Dept.              $153,015.37

William Briquela  Sergeant                     $151,980.26

Stephen Purcell  Capt. Fire Dept.             $151,220.30

Michael Gurska  Capt. Fire Dept.             $150,926.52

David Betz        Lt. Police Dept.              $149,452.67

Scott Conley      Patrolman                      $148,971.14

William Krasco  Patrolman                      $148,129.25

Thomas McLain Patrolman                      $147,994.81

Brian Dunn        Lt. Police Dept.              $146,432.04

Richard Wilcox  Lt. Fire Dept.                 $146,159.30

Lyle Abell         Patrolman                      $145,456.77

Robert Moschella  Patrolman                   $144,743.05

Linda Breau       Dep/Asst. Superintendent            $144,048.58

Anthony D’Alba            Sergeant                        $143,491.93

Richard Carroccino  Capt. Fire Dept.        $142,271.06

Robert Cameron Deputy Chief                 $141,745.95

Priti Johari        Asst. Super 225              $141,549.97

Philip Rogers     Capt. Fire Dept.             $141,486.55

Nicole McLaughlin  Patrolman                $138,758.46

Gerald McCue    Director Exempt                        $138,498.37

Jacqueline Maloney  Principal 220           $138,370.05

Michael Lee       Capt. Fire Dept.             $137,816.45

David Rizzuto    Lt. Police Dept.              $135,789.24

Edward Keefe    Deputy City Mgr.           $134,355.42

Richard Perisie   Deputy Chief                 $133,742.54

Jon Maldonado  Patrolman                      $133,573.84

Angelica Guerra Patrolman                      $133,489.66

Adele Lubarsky  Principal 220                 $133,299.92

Philip Merritt     Capt. Fire Dept.             $133,167.89

Sarah Kent        Asst. Super 220              $132,598.96

Randy Grajal     Teacher                         $132,365.77

Anthony Tiro     Lt.  Fire Dept.                $129,619.11

Cindy Rosenberg  Director/SPED                        $129,238.46

John Bower       Lt. Police Dept.              $129,087.69

Michael Villanueva  Patrolman                $128,705.88

Michael Nee      Sergeant                        $128,519.44

Ronald Schmidt Principal 220                 $128,419.34

Stephen Garcia   Patrolman                      $128,106.06

Joseph Capistran            Patrolman                      $128,032.49

Garrison Daniel  Patrolman                      $127,915.71

Linda Barber      Asst. Principal               $127,803.92

Gary Poulin       Firefighter                     $127,245.49

Sylvia Vazquez  Teacher                         $126,762.71

Joseph Stutto     Patrolman                      $126,042.52

Mark Martineau Asst. Principal               $125,942.86

David Bishop     Lt. Fire Dept.                 $125,542.09

Michelle Martinello  Principal 220           $125,500.04

Christian Lehmann  Lt. Fire Dept.                        $125,163.61

Jose Torres        Firefighter                     $124,622.98

Joanne O’Brien  Patrolman                      $124,618.74

Michael Noone   Patrolman                      $124,616.70

Richard Bellomo            Patrolman                      $124,592.28

Michael Talbot   Principal 200                 $123,749.98

Mark Aliberti     Lt. Fire Dept.                 $123,739.98

Augustus Casucci  Patrolman                   $123,288.79

Cheryl Fisher     City Solicitor                 $122,859.54

Adam Deleidi    Principal 220                 $122,500.04

Paul  McCarthy  Patrolman                      $121,779.06

Paul Marchese    Patrolman                      $121,317.29

Star Chung        Patrolman                      $121,169.07

Joseph Cooney   Dir. Of Blgds/Grounds    $121,153.88

Julie Shea          Principal 220                 $120,750.11

Nathaniel Meyers  Principal 220              $120,500.05

Christopher Troisi  Patrolman                  $120,363.74

Daniel Dejordy  Lt. Fire Dept.                 $120,334.37

Long Lam          Patrolman                      $118,106.45

Carlos Vega       Patrolman                      $117,787.32

Joan Sullivan     Director Exempt                        $117,584.55

Bertram Taverna            Dir. Of Public Works     $117,344.83

Juan Sanchez     Patrolman                      $117,235.48

Alan Beausoleil  Coordinator                   $116,774.31

John Coen         Sergeant                        $116,114.05

David Batchelor Patrolman                      $116,023.49

Robert Brown    Capt. Fire Dept.             $115,978.37 Damon Peykar   Coordinator                   $115,667.73

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