Are You Ready for Halloween?

Next week, many neighborhoods will become magical places as thousands of children dressed in all types of costumes will descend on the streets in search of candy and treats.

Likewise, residents will not only decorate their houses in scary Halloween themes with spiders and ghosts and a few witches thrown in just for luck, but also have neighbors and friends over to celebrate the night.

And all the while, thousands of pieces of candy will be given out to the children.

With no rain being forecast and temperatures predicted to be in the 50s, next Wednesday night promises to be perfect both for those giving the candy and those receiving it.

Here are some tips for a safe night of fun:

  1. Plan your trick-or-treat route before you leave, and show the kids where you will be going.
  2. Double check any costumes with masks to make sure kids can see clearly.
  3. Use reflective tape on dark costumes.
  4. Carry a flashlight or glow stick.
  5. Only visit houses with porch lights on.
  6. Make sure all kids know under no circumstances should they enter a home!
  7. If your child has an identification card (school ID, etc) make sure to bring it along.
  8. Make sure an adult is with anyone under 16 (if older kids are going in a group, set a time for them to be home, or follow them at a safe, but not embarrassing distance).
  9. Remind your kids to stay out of the streets.
  10. Be on the lookout for cars when crossing. Sometimes, it is hard for drivers to see you!
  11. Check all candy and treats before eating (bring some candy from home, so the kids can snack before you inspect).

Sitting on the steps and giving out the candy, one cannot help but get into the spirit and fun of Halloween and remember Halloweens of long ago when one would dress up and anxiously wait to get their candy.

Halloween is the night that is still most like those days of our youth where many of the modern gadgets just are not needed.  The best costumes are always the ones with the scariest mask.

As one sits on steps wondering do I sample the candy and then should I really eat this candy with all the calories, these lines will certainly come to mind:

Backward turn backward

O’ time in thy flight

And make me a boy just for tonight

Have a happy and safe Halloween.

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