Game Changer:Sherman Takes on Weekend News Anchor Role at WBZ Radio

The familiar and professional voice on WBZ-AM on weekends is that of Charlie Sherman.

Yes, our Charlie Sherman. Of the Shawmut Street Shermans, son of Allen and Louise Sherman, brother of Rhonda Sherman, who lives in nearby Everett, and husband of Michelle Moore Sherman, whose family owned the popular Richdale’s store on Central Avenue for many years.

Sherman is a weekend anchor at the legendary, news radio station located on Soldiers Field Road in Brighton.

It is full circle in media for Sherman, who worked at WBZ more than 25 years ago doing fill-in sports reports. He had started out in the banking industry, a 14-year journey that included a position at the former Commonwealth Bank in Chelsea.

He took on a number of freelance jobs in radio and television before landing a sports director position at ABC-TV affiliate, WMUR-TV, Channel 9 in New Hampshire. “The Sherm,” as he was known to his many viewers, was voted the Granite State’s most popular television personality several times.

He later worked at WGIR-AM Radio in New Hampshire as host of a morning new talk program. He became executive director of New Horizons, the largest homeless shelter, soup kitchen, and food pantry in New Hampshire.

He returned to television news as the 5 p.m. and 6 p.m. anchor at NH1 but when the station was sold, it dropped its news division.

Unsure whether he would ever return to the media scene again, Sherman received a call from a WBZ news director, asking him if he would be interested in a role at the station.

 Sherman accepted a position as the weekend news anchor and he says he couldn’t be happier with his role at the No. 1 news radio station in New England.

“Every time I walk in to this building I have to pinch myself because having grown up in Chelsea and knowing the history of WBZ and the people who have worked her over the years – Dave Maynard, Carl DeSuze, Larry Glick, Jerry Williams – the biggest names in broadcasting worked in this building for many years,” said Sherman.

“To have an opportunity to work in the same building and in the same studios is still a thrill to me after all these years of being in the broadcasting business,” added Sherman. “The people I worked with here are all longtime professionals, the best in the business. You don’t work at WBZ unless you’re really considered one of the best in the business and I’m humbled to be able to work with the people whom I work with here. They’re all seasoned professionals, people like Rod Fritz, Jeff Brown, Deb Lawlor, and Art Cohen. These are the best broadcasters in Boston.”

Ed Golden, editor, writer, and producer at WBZ, said that Sherman is a professional newsman who has been an asset to the radio station.

“One of the things about working at WBZ is you work with some of the best in the business,” said Golden. “Charlie and I have been working together now for just under a year and I’ve always known who Charlie is, but I had never met him, so it’s a real pleasure. You can’t say anything bad about Charlie. He’s just a professional who’s very good at what he does, and he fit in here so well, so it’s a pleasure working with him.”

Sherman, who retired from New Horizons last August and splits his time between Boston and Florida, is having fun in the twilight of his illustrious career.

“I’m having a blast,” said Sherman. “This job is just too much fun to give up and I love doing it. And like I said, every time I walk to this building, I say, ‘wow, this is really the pinnacle of broadcasting, to be a part of WBZ and what it represents in the community.”

Sherman wants the people of Chelsea to know he hasn’t forgotten his roots.

“I do get back to Chelsea and it’s always nostalgic to stop at Katz Bakery for bagels and to ride by Shawmut Street and Highland Park and Cottage Street, where we used to play wiffleball,” said Sherman. “Growing up in Chelsea made me the person that I am. I’ve always been a Chelsea guy and when people ask me where I’m from, I’m always proud to tell them that I’m from Chelsea. We all got along in Chelsea and that played a big role in making me appreciate everything I’ve been able to have in my adult years.”

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