Ambrosino Looking to Start Chelsea High Program this Year

City Manager Tom Ambrosino hopes to have a plan before the City Council by April that would request money for a pilot to help Chelsea High (CHS) students finish their Associates Degrees.

The program was unveiled in Ambrosino’s State of the City last week, and it calls for the City to pay for the remaining costs for students in CHS/Bunker Hill Dual Enrollment program.

Ambrosino said many students in that program begin classes at Bunker Hill Community College, but aren’t able to finish before they graduate from high school.

The intention of the program is to help kids get a jump on their degree while in high school, but Ambrosino said too many students in Chelsea cannot continue due to costs.

That’s why he hopes the City would be able to pay for it.

“This is important for the community,” he said. “We have a lot of students that don’t continue because of financial constraints. It’s not theoretical in Chelsea. It’s real.”

The program would be a pilot and would affect about 50 kids. If it is approved by the City Council, it would take effect with this year’s graduating class.

The details for qualification are still being worked out with the high school, and likely students must have earned good grades in their Dual Enrollment classes.

Ambrosino said they are also working with Bunker Hill on the matter.

“I am hoping that Bunker Hill will have some skin in the game too,” he said.

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