Parking at a Crisis

The action by the City Council to alleviate the parking crisis in some parts of the city is long-overdue.  Councillor Enio Lopez correctly pointed out that parking on the streets by some commercial vehicles is making a bad situation worse.

One only has to look at Shurtleff Street or Congress or Maverick, Marlboro or Cottage Streets to know that many of the multi-family homes do not have any off-street parking.  Parking has been a problem in these areas for the last 20 years and today it is only getting worse.

With a lot of people running their small business out of their homes, many are parking the bigger commercial vehicles on the street, taking up two or three regular parking spots.   Fixing the parking loophole on commercial vehicle and commercial plates seems the right first step for councilors to take.

We look forward to hearing from City Manager Tom Ambrosino and the Parking Clerk for their ideas on alleviating this parking situation.

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