Robert H Bishop Announces his Candidacy for District One City Council

Bob Bishop recently announced his intention to seek the District One City Councillor seat in the upcoming City Primary Election, to be held on September 26, 2017.

Prior to his retirement, Bob Bishop served as Chelsea City Clerk for fifteen years and also held the position of Chief Procurement Officer for the City of Chelsea. Bob also enjoyed owning and operating a small business in the city for fourteen years.

Bob Bishop has stated that he is seeking this office because he has the interest in the betterment of the community, the time that is necessary to do the job well, and the experience to achieve the best results for the taxpayers and residents.

Addressing the recent increases in taxes, property values, and water and sewer rates will be a top priority. Bob has stated, “I have been involved as a department head in 25 of the last 30 city budgets. I know the budge process and how to do what needs to be done for the taxpayers and residents of District One.”

Bob has observed that unfortunately the number of voters participating in local elections has dropped over the past few years. All voters are urged to take part it he upcoming primary election September 26, 2017.  Bob is committed to addressing the issues and concerns of the homeowner and residents of the city…Anyone wishing to contact Bob Bishop can do so by calling 617-884-9265 or via e-mail at [email protected].

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