City Council President Leo Robinson Announces His Re-Election Campaign for Councillor-At-Large

I, Leo Robinson, am a lifelong resident of Chelsea, a family man, homeowner, and a Veteran of the United States Army. I am presently serving my fifth term as President of the City Council, and I absolutely love what I do. Chelsea is a big part of my life. I want to make sure our residents are getting the best this City has to offer. I have seen it change for the better and I understand what the City needs to do to attract young families and recent college graduates. When our students graduate college, we want them to come back and raise a family here.

As a community, we have to stay focused on what the big vision for our City is. We want people to want to live here, to shop and eat here. We want commercial developments that won’t drain our City resources but that can give back to our community – one way being taxes. When it comes to planning the future of Chelsea, the City has to keep the residents in mind. We have to make sure people can still afford to live here and pay their taxes and water bills. Our families and our seniors are what keep this City going, and we have to keep them in mind.

My priorities continue to revolve around public safety, education, neighborhood improvements and balancing budgets. I need you to know that I remain committed as a lifelong resident of the City, a long-time public official and community champion. I love this City and working to improve your lives as well as those of your fellow neighbors.

If re-elected, I promise to continue showing up at every meeting, have meaningful and insightful comments to contribute, be a voice of reason while simultaneously demanding solutions when warranted, lead an open and honest government, and always remember that the privilege extended to me to serve means I need to continue listening and caring for each and every resident, including you.

I ask for your support on November 7, 2017 so I may continue to work on the issues that are important to all of us. Thank you for considering my candidacy and please go out to vote on Tuesday, November 7, 2017.


Leo Robinson

Candidate for Re-Election to the Chelsea City Council

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