Citizen Schools to Expand Focus on Applied Science Apprenticeships for Students

Citizen Schools, a national leader in providing project-based apprenticeship learning for middle school students in high-need, public school districts, announced, with support from Dell, its plan to expand its focus on applied science apprenticeships for students across the country. Dell joins AmeriCorps, Biogen Foundation, Cisco and Fidelity as a National Leadership Partner, Citizen Schools’ lead corporate investors.

“We have apprenticeships in computer programming, engineering and solar car design that make learning interesting and relevant for the fifth, sixth, seventh  and eighth-graders in our schools and teach them about possible career paths in the technology and engineering sector” said Emily McCann, chief executive officer of Citizen Schools. “Now, with Dell’s contribution, we will create more opportunities for thousands of middle school students across the country to get excited about applied science.”

With Dell’s support, Citizen Schools’ will provide professional development to front line teaching staff as well as offer cutting edge technology for use in classrooms by students and teachers. As part of Dell’s 2020 Legacy of Good Plan, the company has a long-standing commitment to supporting communities and youth learning. Dell’s Youth Learning initiatives directly impacted more than 415,000 underserved young people in 2016 by providing them access to technology and education.

Citizen Schools, which launched in Boston in 1996, takes a hands-on approach to STEM and applied science learning. Last year, Citizen Schools and its partners offered apprenticeships on topics such as: solar cars and solar power; coding and game design and; the science – and business – of aviation.

“Dell’s business strategy is guided by the idea that technology should support positive growth and change the world for the better,” said Jeremy Ford, Director of Giving, Dell, Inc. “Citizen Schools’ apprenticeship program helps close the learning gap and offers the power to discover better possibilities. Through our support of programs like this one, we have the opportunity to prepare students to grow and thrive in this digital world.”

“Our model of project based learning with experts is an essential component of a well-rounded education. In addition to the hands-on exposure to science and engineering, our students develop mastery of critical 21st century skills, like collaboration, problem-solving, innovation and critical thinking,” said McCann.

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