Early Voting Yields About 600 Ballots Cast as of This Week

By Seth Daniel

Early voting in Chelsea, which is happening for this first time ever, has been brisk since it began on Oct. 24, with some 100 ballots cast on Tuesday, Nov. 1, alone.

City Clerk Jeannette Cintron reported that there had been 475 ballot cast as of last Saturday, Oct. 29, and that there were 100 cast on Nov. 1 alone. She said there had been a total of just over 600 ballots as of late Tuesday afternoon.

“It has been a good turnout,” she said. “Everyone seems positive about the experience. It has been smooth and busy. Everyone greatly appreciates being able to vote on their schedule. Aside from that, we still have those who have applied for absentee ballots.”

Cintron said there are 15,938 active and inactive voters registered for the Nov. 8 election in Chelsea.

In addition to the presidential election, and the much-talked about statewide ballot questions, Chelsea voters will have a Question 5, which proposes to bring in the Community Preservation Act (CPA)

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