Small Hilton Hotel Looking to Locate on Second Street

By Seth Daniel

Baywood Hotels and Scott Solombrino have petitioned the Chelsea Zoning Board of Appeal (ZBA) for a special permit to allow a 139-room hotel at 200 Second St., the former site of Solombrino’s successful Dav El and Boston Coach limo company – which has since moved to Everett.

Neil Patel of Baywood is listed as the proponent on the project. The project location would be behind the Mystic Mall and across from Dockside Restaurant.

It would be the first hotel to locate on that end of the Everett Avenue district.

City Manager Tom Ambrosino said they are excited about the project, but hope that the proponent will take the project slow.

“We’re happy to have this in Chelsea,” he said. “The City’s early communications with them are that we want to have enough time to absorb the existing rooms that are coming. A condition of our support is they don’t pull a building permit until early 2018 because we want to give the other hotel going up by the high school and the one on the upper end of Broadway a chance to get absorbed into the market first – as they are critical projects for the city. That will be a condition of our support for this.”

The proposal has a hearing on Nov. 15 at the ZBA.

A Conservation Commission hearing on the hotel is scheduled for Nov. 10.

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