CPD Arrest Seven,Seize 900 Grams of Heroin in Morning Raid

As the result of a several month drug investigation resulting from several sources including concerned Chelsea residents, the Chelsea Police Department (CPD) along with MAGNET (Mutual Aid Gang Narcotic Enforcement Teams) arrested seven individuals and executed two simultaneous search warrants within one city block in the Prattville area resulting in seizure of over 900 grams heroin and multiple grams of Cocaine and or Crack.

In the Tuesday morning raids, Police also seized $10,000 cash during the execution of the search warrants at 46 Hancock St. and 55 Union St. in Chelsea.

Drug Control Officers developed information that those arrested had been operating in the area conducting drug sales from the two locations and also used the addresses as bases of operations to travel to neighboring jurisdictions selling narcotics. Those arrested are believed to be Dominican Republic Nationals. Some of those arrested provided the police with false identification and their identities were only confirmed after computer fingerprint analysis.

This case is ongoing and additional charges may be forthcoming.

The seven arrested face a multitude of charges including Trafficking over 200 grams of Heroin, Trafficking over 36 Grams Cocaine, Distribution of Heroin and Cocaine, Distribution within a Park Zone, Conspiracy to Violate Drug Laws

The following were placed into custody and will face arraignment in Chelsea District Court on Wednesday morning.

•Rafael Pinero Gonzalez, 35, of Chelsea

•Walter Robles, 36, of Lynn

•Felix Monclava, 34, of Chelsea

•Leonardo Zapata – aka Israel Santiago, 38, of Chelsea

•Evangele Ramirez, 27, of Chelsea

•Robert Betances, 35, of Chelsea

•Aracelis Calderon, 37, of Chelsea

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