City Hall Could Get Lit Up

By Seth Daniel

The idea to light up Chelsea City Hall, perhaps using different colored lighting such as is done on the Bunker Hill/Zakim Bridge, is one step closer to a reality.

City Councillor Matt Frank proposed the idea last month in a Council order and City Manager Tom Ambrosino said he is interested in the idea.

“This I may be inclined to support, depending on the cost,” he wrote the Council. “If the cost is not too high, this might be a beautification effort we want to consider in conjunction with upgrades to Bellingham Square/Broadway Corridor area. Part of the rationale for the proposed investment is not just to attract more commerce to the area, but also to enhance the area’s aesthetic appeal. An improved look for the Clock Tower would fit well with this effort.”

Ambrosino said he would supply the Council with prices for the proposed improvement, which he expects to have some time this summer.

Frank said the idea was to enhance City Hall and provide a beacon for those in Chelsea and those driving past Chelsea – as the City Hall clock tower can be seen from numerous vantage points.

“People who know City government know that I always want to see the numbers first,” he said. “This is no different. I don’t envision it costing a fortune and I think it’s a good amenity to have in the City and getting it lit up again and hopefully having all the bells and whistles – such as the colored lighting for different special occasions. Even if it’s just lit up with regular lighting, it would be great for people to see it.”

Frank has suggested that colored lighting such as is installed on the Zakim Bridge could be installed to shine on City Hall. If there were a special occasion, the color could be coordinated with that occasion.

“We’ll see what the cost is; things can change on the dime,” he said.

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