Top 100 Chelsea Gross Wage Earners

By Seth Daniel

The Top 100 salaries of public employees from 2015 in Chelsea was released last week by the Law Department, and one employee was over $200,000 and all of the Top 100 made in excess of $100,000.

The payroll for the Top 100 featured 44 firefighters, 38 police officers, 16 School Department employees and two City Hall employees.

The City Manager did not appear on the list of the Top 100 as he only worked half of the year. In 2016, his name and salary are likely to crack the Top 100.

At the top of the list was Chief Brian Kyes, who came in at $229,143.

That, however, does include detail work that Kyes is allowed to perform. That is also the case for many of the police and firefighter salaries, as they perform detail assignments that are not funded by the City in most cases.

Kyes said his salary is contractual and contains the extra money due to the fact that he is a licensed attorney. Prior to become the chief, he had a law practice on the side. As a chief, he would have been allowed to continue that law practice for 16 hours per week. Instead, he opted to be allowed to perform detail work for 16 hours a week so he could do that work in the City of Chelsea – giving him more hours on the ground in the City.

Chiefs in eastern Massachusetts don’t typically work details. However, that practice was approved for former Chief Frank Garvin and Kyes continued doing details in lieu of his law practice.

“Rather than do my outside work outside the City, I chose to do it here by working details,” he said. “I don’t take details from anyone else. I’m last on the list. When no one wants it, I take it.”

Kyes said his actual salary minus details falls in the middle of the pack for Massachusetts police chiefs.

“There are chiefs that make as low as $165,000 and as high as $210,000,” he said. “My salary is comparable and I’m right in the middle.”

As a comparison, the Revere Chief of Police made $213,664 in 2015, and that did not include details.

The most employees in the Top 100 came from the Fire Department, which had 44 members on the list. That, however, was an anomaly for this year as there was $1 million in state money infused into the Fire Department from the state as part of the Silver Line project.

“There is no doubt that the increase in salaries, as it relates to the fire department, resulted from the hiring and oversight of the additional engine company placed in service to accommodate the closing of the Washington Ave Bridge, which was closed to emergency vehicles as part of the Silver Line project,” said Brian Capistran, president of the Firefighter’s Union.

 “The decision to put this additional public safety equipment in service was made as a result of a fire safety analysis which was completed by Deputy Chief John Quatieri, along with other senior staff…The City successfully negotiated with MASSDOT to fund the cost of this additional engine company which was estimated at $1 million. No City tax dollars were used to fund the additional engine company (Engine 4), to supplement what we already know to be an understaffed Fire Department.”

Capistran cited that overtime due to what the Fire Union believes is understaffing, and fire details, were other reasons that firefighter salaries were high.

Name                             Job                    Gross Pay*

  1. Brian Kyes Chief Police          $229,143.03
  2. Thomas Dunn Captain Police       $197,149.37
  3. David Batchelor Captain Police $191,483.62
  4. John Quatieri Deputy Chief        $188,091.66
  5. Robert Moschella Patrolman            $179,315.84
  6. Keith Houghton Captain Police $179,067.95
  7. William Dana Captain Police       $178,557.23
  8. Mary Bourque Superintendent      $171,760.03
  9. Paul Eaves Deputy Chief        $167,842.40
  10. Robert Cameron Deputy Chief $167,827.75
  11. Daniel Delaney Lt. Police $167,126.18
  12. Edward Marchese Patrolman $162,387.42
  13. Edward Conley Lt. Police $159,016.87
  14. Michael Thompson Captain Fire $158,105.85
  15. Michael Gurska Captain Fire $157,506.15
  16. Robert Houghton Deputy Chief $156,151.65
  17. Paul Doherty Captain Fire $155,816.60
  18. Robert Denning Captain Fire $154,869.58
  19. Edward McGarry Captain Fire $154,748.87
  20. Waynen Ulwick Deputy Chief $153,896.40
  21. Richard Wilcox Lt. Fire $151,634.72
  22. David Betz Lt. Police $150,539.15
  23. Joseph Fern Patrolman $148,894.59
  24. Rony Gobin Captain Fire $146,468.02
  25. Gerald McCue Director Exempt $145,735.72
  26. David Flibotte Sergeant $145,650.51
  27. Michael Masucci Captain Fire $145,412.29
  28. Anthony Tiro Firefighter $145,120.84
  29. Edwin Nelson Sergeant $145,084.70
  30. Jose Torres Firefighter $143,270.32
  31. Steven Waxman Firefighter $143,009.49
  32. Arthur Caissie Lt. Fire $142,548.23
  33. Joseph Conlon Lt. Fire $141,144.23
  34. Martin Conley Lt. Police $140,479.53
  35. Edward Keefe Deputy Mgr. $139,719.16
  36. Stephen Purcell Firefighter $139,142.60
  37. Philip Rogers Lt. Fire $138,701.37
  38. Paul Giancola Deputy Chief $138,537.81
  39. Scott Conley Patrolman $137,120.26
  40. Kevin Crowley Lt. Fire $135,920.0
  41. William Krasco Patrolman $135,504.38
  42. Edward Noseworthy Lt. Police $134,952.11
  43. Michael Addonizio Patrolman $134,796.27
  44. Linda Breau Asst. Super $133,325.01
  45. John Lawlor Lt. Fire $132,443.65
  46. David Rizzuto Sergeant $131,943.81
  47. Albert Peters Lt. Fire $131,868.40
  48. Janice Murphy Ret. Lt. Police $131,826.30
  49. Lyle Abell Patrolman $130,980.94
  50. John Noftle Sergeant $130,937.12
  51. Gary Poulin Firefighter $130,878.01
  52. Mary Leverone Principal $130,498.58
  53. Philip Merritt Lt. Fire $129,065.34
  54. J. Bevere Maloney Principal $127,734.93
  55. Brian Dunn Lt. Police $127,483.83
  56. Robert Griffin Lt. Police $125,386.16
  57. Robert Longo Patrolman $125,170.92
  58. Max Martins Firefighter $125,041.21
  59. Adele Lubarsky Principal $124,777.04
  60. Michael Lee Lt. Fire $124,268.65
  61. Mark Aliberti Lt. Fire $124,065.79
  62. Robert Brown Captain Fire $123,151.10
  63. Christian Lehmann Lt. Fire $122,977.36
  64. Michael Nee Sergeant $122,768.53
  65. Priti Johari Principal $122,729.88
  66. Reinaldo Valdes Firefighter $122,548.20
  67. Paul McCarthy Patrolman $122,239.80
  68. Joanne O’Brien Patrolman $121,838.71
  69. Jeffrey Bryson Principal $121,477.59
  70. Richard Bellomo Patrolman $121,211.87
  71. M. Andreottola Director/Union $120,135.22
  72. James Reddington Firefighter $119,709.57
  73. Ronald Schmidt Asst. Principal $119,185.25
  74. David Liebowitz Principal $119,078.18
  75. Star Chung Patrolman $118,819.07
  76. LInda Barber Asst. Principal $118,334.83
  77. Andrew O’Brien Principal $117,396.45
  78. Carter Glass Firefighter $116,747.98
  79. C. Avellaneda Firefighter $116,729.41
  80. Richard Perisie Captain Fire $116.115.21
  81. Bladimiro Sanchez Firefighter $115,945.41
  82. Joseph Foti Director of PW $115,838.13
  83. John Cunningham Firefighter $115,754.69
  84. Robert Zalewski Deputy Chief $114,969.02
  85. Ruben Villanueva Firefighter $114,890.36
  86. Carlos Vega Patrolman $114,853.34
  87. Emilio Ramirez Patrolman $114,228.43
  88. Stephen Garcia Patrolman $113,657.24
  89. Luis Tarraza Patrolman $113,465.77
  90. A. Casucci Patrolman $113,124.46
  91. Cove Davis Asst. Super $113,120.02
  92. Victor Ortiz Firefighter $112,659.61
  93. K. Cevallos Asst. Principal $112,454.25
  94. William Brizuela Sergeant $112,125.50
  95. Aliza Moschella Asst. Principal $111,676.16
  96. Angel Arrieta Firefighter $111,396.50
  97. Rich Carroccino Captain Fire $111,360.00
  98. Galvin Marenco Firefighter $111,261.16
  99. Sammy Mojica Patrolman $111,022.92
  100. Thomas McLain Sergeant $110,299.25

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