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MEMORIAL DAY, 2016: 50 Year Anniversary of the Battle of LZ 10 ALFA

A ”Day of Remembrance” was established on May 30, 1868, to acknowledge all military service members who lost their lives in any National war.  Later re-designated as “Memorial Day,” it is the most significant day set aside for recognition of our Nation’s Armed Forces.

Most, if not all, who read this letter have special individuals – family members, classmates, friends and others – in their memories that are brought to mind on this occasion.  I write to lift up the name of one of Chelsea’s own who was killed in Vietnam, 50 years ago, during a fire fight with the 66th NVA Regiment (reinforced), May 28th and 29th, 1966, in the Central Highlands west of Pleiku near the Cambodian border.  PFC Sheldon Robert Cohen was among the 17 killed and 88 wounded of the 252 soldiers from Company A, 1st Battalion, 35th Infantry and Company B, 2nd Battalion, 35th Infantry who defended a small swampy clearing, tagged as LZ (Landing Zone) 10 ALFA, against an unrelenting two-day assault by the NVA.

They held until relieved by the insertion of the remainder of the 1/35th late on the 29th. Those who were killed will be honored on May 30, during Williamson County’s Annual Memorial Day Service, with bricks inscribed with name, rank, date and place of death that have been installed in the Veterans Memorial Park in Franklin, TN.

PFC Cohen followed the flag and gave his country his full measure. Those who knew him will remember him always as forever young. The few who were there and served with those who fell, will never forget them.

Chelsea has every right to be proud of her sons.

Wallace S. Tyson                                                                                              

Franklin, TN   

Colonel   Infantry                                                                                          

US Army (Retired)

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