Police Briefs 02-04-2016


This photo was taken on Sunday, Jan. 31, of the TD Bank temperature gauge in Bellingham Square at 3 p.m. A 60-degree day in late January is rather unimaginable, but there have been more than a few over the last week, with warm temperatures continuing into this weekend.


Chelsea Police arrested a student at Chelsea High School on Wednesday, Jan. 13, after he was discovered to have a replica firearm in school – a weapon he said was being used in a “skit” for a school play.

Around 11:40 a.m., a report came in that a student at CHS was in possession of a firearm.

After an investigation, the gun turned out to be a replica toy gun.

The student claimed it was for a school-sponsored skit.

However, the 17-year-old was arrested based on statements from the reporting party.


A Lynn youth was arrested on Monday, Jan. 11, after he tried to flee a motor vehicle while armed with a knife.

Chelsea Detectives made a motor vehicle stop around 10 a.m. on Pearl Street, and as they approached , the rear passenger (a 17-year-old juvenile) fled from vehicle. Police caught up to him and he was later placed into custody after a search of the area. He was charged for a warrant and for being in possession of a knife.


Two Chelsea juveniles were arrested on Wednesday, Jan. 13, for carrying a sword and a loaded firearm on Highland Street.

Police stopped a vehicle in the Highland and Grove Street areas around 10:30 a.m. on Jan. 13 and found five individuals in the vehicle. All appeared to be acting nervous and making furtive movements in an attempt to conceal items as officers approached the vehicle.

A check of the vehicle uncovered a loaded firearm and a sword.

A 17-year-old was arrested for a warrant, carrying a dangerous weapon (sword) and carrying a dangerous weapon. Another Chelsea 17-year-old was arrested for carrying a firearm without a permit, possessing a large capacity firearm or feeding device and possession of ammunition without a permit.


A taxi driver in Bellingham Square reported to police that he had been robbed at gunpoint around 5:30 a.m. on Jan. 11, and a few days later, that taxi driver tracked down the robber – who was arrested.

Police searched the area after the report on Jan. 11 based on a description given by the cabbie, but it was to no avail.

However, on Jan. 14 around noon, the same cabbie approached Chelsea Police officers to let them know he just observed the robber get in a cab at Bellingham Square.

Police checked the location of the cab and stopped it on Webster Court.

The suspect was apprehended and positively identified by the cabbie.

Cesar Alicea, 20, of 53 Broadway, was charged with armed robbery with a firearm and assault and battery.


A seated jury from Suffolk Superior Court took site visits to the crime scene in Chelsea on Wednesday in the trial of Melissa Pfeiffer, 32, who is accused of murdering Crystal Blanchard in 2010.

Pfeiffer is charged with second-degree murder, and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon (fire). Accused of setting a fire, she is also charged with arson and two counts of causing injury to a firefighter as a result of criminal conduct. The jury was seated and opening arguments began late last week.

The charges stem from the Dec., 24, 2010, fire she allegedly set on Spruce Street in Chelsea, killing 20-year-old Crystal Blanchard.  ADAs Julie Higgins and Colby Tilley, defense attorney James Doyle, and Judge Janet Sanders in courtroom 817 of Suffolk Superior Court.

Sanders, incidentally, was last charged with reviewing all of the voluminous casino lawsuits against the Massachusetts Gaming Commission and Wynn Everett. The suits, from Revere, Boston, Somerville, and the taxpayers, were all dismissed from court by Sanders – who has now rotated in to the criminal court.

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