Two More Restaurant Bars Get Penalized

The Chelsea Licensing Commission imposed sanctions against two local establishments after a public hearing  was held at the October 27 meeting.

The  Chelsea Police brought forward complaints against the Acapulco Mexican Restaurant of 238 Fifth St. and Bar Rancho Las Pupusas of 36 Second St. Both locations will have five days to appeal the penalties after receiving official notice from the city.

Chelsea Police provided testimony that the Acapulco Restaurant violated local licensing rules in two documented cases. In the first incident, police testified that management failed to act and call authorities when an employee was assaulted inside the establishment receiving injuries after a fight with a fellow employee.  In that report, the employee told officers she was threatened not to call police as it would cause problems for the business.

A second violation occurred when officers observed the location open for business after the mandated 1 a.m. closing. During this incident police reported that the manager on duty was not cooperative and appeared to be intoxicated when officers entered the premises to conduct an inspection. Based on the evidence, the Commission voted to impose a seven-day suspension of the restaurant’s Liquor and Entertainment license.

Bar Rancho Las Pupusas was given a two-day suspension of its Liquor and Entertainment license  based on two incidents.

Police provided reports that the bar purchased alcohol illegally in January of this year when an officer observed the unloading of  several cases of beer from a vehicle and  witnessed  the beer being carried into the bar. The second incident was for a police report documenting  after hours operation. In that incident, a police report detailed several persons inside the bar drinking after the mandated 1 a.m. closing time.

Chief Brian A. Kyes expressed his thanks to the Licensing Commission for their actions. He also warned all establishment that are licensed in the community that they are responsible for knowing the rules and regulations and violations will not be tolerated.

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