Ambrosino said It’s Time To Invest in City Services

City Manager Tom Ambrosino said this week that he believes it’s time for the City to invest in everything from Broadway infrastructure to more firefighters.

Ambrosino said the City has been very conservative in its financial approach over the years, and thus, the finances are in tremendous shape. Now, he said, it might be time to use some money to enhance resident services and beautify the City.

“I agree (that the City has been conservative) and it probably is time that the City start spending on services,” he said. “I think the infrastructure on the Broadway business corridor should be done. I think we could probably spend more in our departments. I’m thinking in particular DPW and the Fire Department. They probably could use a few more individuals.”

In particular, Ambrosino said he has been taken by the potential of City Hall, Bellingham Square and the Broadway business corridor.

He has asked the Planning Department and The Neighborhood Developers to put a fresh set of eyes on the streetscape and on reconfiguring the Square.

“I think Broadway could require some significant investment to improve its aesthetics in the Bellingham Square and Broadway, down the business corridor… I think we need to make it ‘pop’ a little. It has big bones. It has the people and it has the businesses. It has the right mix of residential above the businesses. Again, it has the bones of being something special, but it really needs some attention.”

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