Letters to the Editor

Please vote for  my mom

Dear Editor:

Hi my name is Nina. My mom, Damali Vidot, is running for City Council at-Large and I want to talk to you about her.  She was born in New York, raised in Chelsea, went to school in Chelsea, graduated in Chelsea, worked in Chelsea, got married in Chelsea, and well, became a mother in Chelsea too.

And one day she was invited to a City meeting. When she went, she immediately saw the disconnect between the residents and the city councilors. Since then she went to every City meeting you can go to.  Since then everybody wanted her to run. So she asked the most important question there is to be asked: “Do you have to wear dresses, make up and heels?” Since she didn’t have to, she is running for City Council at-Large.

She started a petition to see if residents would prefer a city manager or mayor, but then she decided to stop the petition and start to get some votes. Her three main concerns:

1.The youth. She thinks there should be more programs for children between the ages of 13-17.

  1. The Crime, there is way too much crime in the city.
  2. Development, there is too much development in the city.

If you believe in my mom, you can vote for her on September 22nd and if you want to do more you can host a fundraiser, be a volunteer or you can donate to her campaign.

Thank you for your time.   

Nina Rosa

Please support Damali Vidot

To Residents of Chelsea,

I am writing on behalf of Chelsea Fire Fighters Local 937 to endorse Damali Vidot for the position of Chelsea City Council At-Large.

As professional firefighters our job is hard enough as we try to protect and serve the people of the City of Chelsea, but to continue to do that without the support of the Council makes our job that much harder. As we evaluate the candidates for City Council, we are looking for candidates who we feel have the same dedication to the city as we do. With the continued growth of the city from neighborhoods being over populated and economic development as well as an increase in violent crime, we need candidates that will continue to act in the best interest of public safety. We want our candidates to believe in us and the work we do.

Damali Vidot represents what we are looking for in a candidate, one who isn’t afraid to stand up to the current City Council, a Council that has continued to ignore high ranking officers of the Chelsea Fire Department when told staffing is not adequate.

This upcoming election is an important event for the citizens of Chelsea and to the Chelsea Fire Department. Damali Vidot strongly supports what Chelsea was, is and what will be. We believe she will continue to fight for our members and the families of the City of Chelsea.

The membership of Chelsea Fire, Local 937 is proud to endorse Damali Vidot for office of Chelsea City Council At-Large.

Brian Capistran

President, Local 937

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