Get Out and Vote In Tuesday’s Election

Anyone who has lived in Chelsea for a long time knows what a politically active community it has been throughout its history.

There were mayoral, board of aldermen, and school committee elections in the 1960, 1970s, and 1980s where voter turnouts would be very high and people would wait in the old Aldermanic Chambers at City Hall after the polls closed to hear the final vote tallies announced.

While Chelsea no longer has mayoral elections like the ones next door in Everett and Revere – and by the way – City Manager Tom Ambrosino was undefeated in Revere mayoral elections, having been re-elected each time for a period of 12 consecutive years – Chelsea still has important positions to be filled on the City Council and School Committee.

And that is why it so important for Chelsea residents to exercise their right to vote and get out and cast their ballots this Tuesday, Sept. 22, in the preliminary election.

The individuals that are running for seats on the Chelsea City Council are working hard in their campaigns and truly want to serve in city government and improve the quality of life here.

When we consider the political dynasties that existed in Chelsea for years – the Quigley, McLaughlin, Slater, Voke, and Donovan families come to mind –  we realize how fortunate we were to have public officials who served our city so well and made Election Days such an exciting time.

The names of our political leaders have changed but we sense that the interest in the local and national political process is still quite significant – as the television ratings for the Republican Presidential debates suggest.

We encourage you to get out and vote in Tuesday’s election and make your voice heard. Our candidates are deserving of your support and participation.

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