Cortell’s Response to Perlatonda’s Comment on Strip Club

I was most surprised to read of Councillor Joe Perlatonda’s unwillingness to oppose the return of a strip club he speaks of in the same breath as concerns he voices about prostitution, addiction and the negatives that go along with being the home of a Methadone Clinic.  I’ve gladly become a vocal voice in opposition to the return of this type of establishment to the district I represent and call home, as I would anywhere else in this City.  As someone I’m not sure has ever attended a Licensing Commission, Planning Board, Economic Development Board or Zoning Board of Appeals meeting, and am certain was at none with Phantom Ventures as a party, I’m not sure from where he gets his conviction.  I know I get mine from going to them and hearing the vehement sentiments of those I represent along with others throughout the city who’ve reached out to me, including residents from his district.

With no better idea than hiring a Police Commissioner and clearly against the likes of a methadone clinic, but without the understanding that the time to contest an undesirable use is before it’s here, at least as to the “gentleman’s club”, I’m as confident he doesn’t speak for those he represents as I am that the rest of us will continue to fight for the better things we’ve earned.

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