Police Briefs 09-10-2015


It was an ordinary Thursday evening Bellingham Square around 7:30 p.m. on Sept. 3, when out of the blue, Officer Ryan Ostler saw a man running at him and frantically calling for help.

On the frantic man’s heals was another man screaming at the top of his lungs and brandishing a knife above his head, ready to stab the victim were he to catch him.

“That guy has a knife,” yelled the victim to Ostler, who was on a walking patrol.

Ostler met the victim and observed the suspect, who saw the officer and was ready to beat it out of the square and make good on a getaway. It wasn’t to be though, as Ostler chased the man to the back of Bunker Hill Community College, seeing the man put the knife in his waistband. Ostler ordered the suspect to stop, but he refused and kept walking away. The suspect kept putting his hands near the position where the knife was believed to be in his waistband.

Ostler drew his firearm, with the suspect being about five or 10 feet away and not showing his hands and moving towards the waistband. At that time, Chief Brian Kyes arrived on scene and observed the suspect finally take his hands out of his waistband and drop the knife in some bushes. Ostler and Kyes then apprehended the man.

After the arrest, the victim told police he had no idea who the man was. He had been walking near the Margolis Pharmacy when the suspect asked him if he was a gang member. When the victim told him, “I’m nothing,” the man began chasing him saying that he was MS (or MS-13). As the chase got underway, the suspect pulled out a butcher knife and the victim was able to locate Ostler walking in the Square.

Police did recover the large butcher knife in the bushes and have submitted it as evidence.

Jairo Rodriguez, 23, of 150 Shawmut St., was charged with assault with a dangerous weapon.


Chelsea Police were able to arrest one Saugus man early on Sunday morning for tagging a fence with graffiti, and they are looking for other similar monikers in the city.

On Sept. 6 at 3:29 a.m., officers responded to 1001 Broadway for a report of two persons spray painting a fence. Upon arrival the officers were advised by dispatch, who were still on the phone with the reporting witness, that the suspect was still in the lot lying next to the area where they had painted. While officers were checking the lot, officers did locate a male party lying on the ground next to the fence just down from where the tagging was done. Located with the male was a single grey backpack. Officers also located another backpack next to the fence where it had been painted. Inside the already open backpacks were a total of nine spray paint cans. The male, later identified as Nicholas Marchetti, 21, of Saugus was placed under arrest at the scene.

The freshly painted graffiti on the fence read, “chet bean.” The phrase was painted in a white, outlined in black paint. Chelsea Police are matching this moniker to other locations in the city to see if other charges may be filed. The public should call police if they observe late night loitering of youth, especially with backpacks.

In most cases, police said, an individual or a small group is responsible for these tagging incidents.


On Sept. 3 at 6:22 a.m. while in the Bellingham Square area officers heard the sound of an alarm. The officers walked to that location and noticed smoke coming out of the business of Tedeschi’s at 4 Washington Ave. Officers entered the business to check on everyone’s safety and learned the clerk had distinguished the minor fire with a cup of coffee.

Officers observed the chip rack to be burned and a puddle of Coffee on the floor (which was used to extinguish the fire). Management showed the officers the video and they observed a female party enter the store and head to the chip rack and put her hand on it and set it on fire.

Prior to the officers entering Tedeschi’s, one officer observed a female party standing outside who was known by name and matched the description.

This Officer observed the video footage again and positively identified her as the person who had set the fire. Officers at that time placed Mary Sackor, 29, of Boston, into custody in close proximity to the store.


Two sisters and their mother were all arrested in one incident on Aug. 20.

At 6:13 p.m. officers responded to 763 Broadway and were met by a male victim who stated he was approached by two females who grabbed him and forcibly removed a $20 dollar bill from his pocket. Officers stated that the victim knew both female suspects by name. Officers responded to the location to the apartment and victim positively identified both suspects who were placed under arrest for unarmed robbery and a third party, their mother, for interfering with a police investigation.

Kelly Hardy, 32, of Everett, was charged with unarmed robbery and one warrant.

Melissa Hardy, 36, of 763 Broadway, was charged with unarmed robbery and five warrants.

Mary Hardy, 65, of 763 Broadway, was charged with interfering with a police officer.


Chelsea Police have arrested a Malden woman on embezzlement charges for allegedly stealing many thousands of dollars from the Chelsea real estate company where she worked.

On Sept. 4, Chelsea Detectives arrested Jennifer Halloran, 54, of Malden for larceny over $250 of a local business. The owner reports the theft to be in the several thousand dollar range and that Halloran was an employee. Chelsea Detectives are continuing the investigation with other law enforcement agencies in this active case.


On Aug. 19 at approximately 9:47 p.m., Officers were dispatched to 58 Crescent Ave., known to officers of the Chelsea Police Department as a vacant home owned by Wells Fargo Bank, for a report of people on the property. Upon arrival, officers observed several unidentified male and female teens on the sidewalk in front of the residence. They observed the front door of the building that had been secured, now open, and detected a very strong odor of freshly burned marijuana coming from inside the residence. Officers detained 20 male and females at the front doorway, before back up units arrived.  Based on officer’s knowledge, the home was bank owned and vacant, both adults were taken into custody. Officers identified the other male and females detained by Officers as juveniles. Upon positively identifying them, all were turned over to their parent who responded to the address, and were released from the scene. A hearing will be requested in Chelsea Juvenile Court for breaking and entering night time.

Kiara Ramirez-Gonzalez, 20, of Lynn, was charged with breaking and entering at night for a felony, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct and misleading police.

Devante Cartagena, 19, of Everett, was charged with breaking and entering at night for a felony.


On Aug. 28, at 8:30 p.m., Officers responded to 409 Broadway and spoke to a male victim of an unarmed robbery. The victim told police that while in front of Chelsea Walk Pub, he was approached by a female whom he knows, but cannot name. The female suspect asked for money and when victim refused he was punched in the face causing him to fall to ground, the female then grabbed a $20 bill from his pants pocket and fled.

Initial reports were that the victim was in a wheelchair, but that wasn’t confirmed in the police report.

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