Streets Are Not Drivable

We understand it’s been a hard winter and DPW crews have bent over backward to fill potholes, but even so, too many streets are basically not drivable.

Broadway being the prime example – especially from Crescent Avenue to Revere.

There is no way to avoid the potholes and scars.

In some places, one can even see the old cobblestone streets and, unbelievably, trolley tracks from a day long gone.

Broadway was terrible before last winter, and it’s now resembling what used to be the hard reality of the streets that go through the Produce Center. One can only imagine the small claims being fielded by the City for tires, axles and wheels.

City Councillor Matt Frank – who represents that area – suggested some months ago that the City look into micro-paving areas in anticipation of getting the money for the larger, complete rehab of Broadway.

Perhaps it’s time for the Council to look into that suggestion on an emergency basis.

Broadway and many, many other streets cannot stand in the condition they are in for much longer.

You can’t drive where you can’t drive.

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