Ready With Brooms and Shovels to Get Chelsea Clean on Saturday

It’s no secret that the melting snow – while a relief – has unveiled a litany of litter throughout the streets of Chelsea, and this weekend, residents, elected officials and City workers will fan out across the city to put all that trash where it belongs – in the can.

“We’ve got a dozen or so pre-selected location where we will station volunteers and we could use more and more volunteers,” said Roseanne Bongiovanni of the Chelsea Collaborative. “If someone wants to come down and request to clean their neighborhood, that’s great too. We’ll be picking up trash, recyclables, mulching trees and planting flowers all over the city. It’s really important to spruce up the city this year because we had a tough winter and a lot of trash has emerged from the snow that needs to be cleaned up.”

City Councillor Dan Cortell said he would be participating and he encouraged residents to get involved as well.

“As a yearly right of passage and reward for braving a record breaking winter for the ages, I hope all are looking forward to this years annual Earth Day festivities,” he said. “We will be doing a clean-up all over the city and in District 8 at a yet to be determined site.  Please consider joining us on Mary 2nd at the City Hall parking lot.”

Organizers and volunteers will gather this Saturday, May 2, in the City Hall parking lot at 8:30 a.m. There will be T-shirts, equipment and tools available for volunteers, as well as a list of priority areas. At 9 a.m., volunteers will fan out all over the city to clean up.

The festivities will conclude with a celebration at Bosson Park (on Bellingham Street), where there will be food, music and games for the community.

Organizers and City leaders will also cut a ribbon on the newly-renovated Bosson Park around 12:30 p.m. on Saturday. Additionally, those who signed up for the rain barrel program already will have their barrels distributed at the Bosson Park celebration.

Organizers specified that there is a lot of work to be done, and they hope that a large group of folks will help out this year.

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