Wynn Plans to Develop Employee Parking Near Produce Center

Plans for an off-site employee parking lot with hundreds of spaces to handle a large percentage of the Wynn Everett workforce were unveiled in a state environmental filing last week, and the parking lot is tentatively sited somewhere in Produce Center on the Everett/Chelsea line.

The news came deep within Wynn’s recent filing last week of its supplemental environmental reports on traffic and parking with state environmental regulators. While a majority of the plan concentrates on traffic mitigation in Charlestown’s Sullivan Square area, one piece of the overall plan is to locate employee parking off-site.

According to the plan in the filing, some 800 spaces would be contracted off-site by Wynn, though not all of them would be located in area near the Produce Center.

“While no specific parking site has been identified for the Everett employee parking lot, the plan is to locate it in the industrial southeast quadrant of Everett, generally south of Revere Beach Parkway (Route 16) and east of Broadway (Route 99),” read the filing. “The predicted modes of Project employee travel on Fridays and Saturdays by percentage and person trips, as shown, are 41%, of employees are expected to drive and park at the employee off-site parking facilities and 20% of employees are expected to travel to the Project via the Orange Line. Another 20% of employees will use the neighborhood shuttle, and the remaining 19% will use the other travel modes…The Proponent plans to lease up to 800 spaces at three off-site parking facilities to accommodate employee parking and has confirmed with the operators that sufficient capacity is available at the potential lease locations to accommodate the number of spaces referenced.”

Wynn would also run 24-hour shuttle buses from the off-site parking facility to its casino at Everett’s Lower Broadway area, which is only minutes from the proposed lot location on the Everett/Chelsea line.

“Employees using single-occupancy vehicles to travel to work will be required to park at designated off-site locations and ride a shuttle bus to the Project Site. The employee shuttle buses will be operated by the Proponent (or contracted through a third party vendor) and will be a free service for employees of the Project validated by their security badges,” read the filing. “Three separate employee shuttle bus routes will operate between the Project’s employee entrance and off-site employee parking facilities in Medford adjacent to Wellington Station, Malden at a downtown garage, and potentially in Everett at a location to be determined.”

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