Environmental Justice

C1Gov. Deval Patrick made a stop by the Chelsea Collaborative on Tuesday morning in order to sign an executive order pertaining to environmental justice. Spearheading the event were the Collaborative’s Gladys Vega and Rosann Bongiovanni – along with environmental activists from all over the state. The executive order could be rescinded by the incoming administration, but there is no indication right now that would happen. It is an order than is several years in the making. The Executive Order requires the following actions:  The establishment of a Governor’s Advisory Council to advise the Governor and Energy and Environmental Affairs (EEA) Secretary on Environmental Justice Issues; to update its 2002 Environmental Justice Policy within 60 days; to appoint a Secretariat Environmental Justice Coordinator within 30 days for each cabinet position; to post Environmental Justice strategies online within 180 days for each cabinet position.

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